Top 5 Best Mobile Apps for Kids with Special Needs Announced By Dot Com Magazine

Best Mobile Apps for Kids with Special Needs

Technology continues to be a great asset for people, and children in particular, who are living with disabilities. iPads and similar mobile devices help children with special needs and developmental delays to build their foundational life skills, engage in play on their own terms and most important of all, engage more fully with their care providers. However, it can be hard to choose which ones are good and which ones are bad, because so many are released. The best way to work that out is to identify your kids’ capabilities and needs to begin with and then match them up to apps. In the following post, here at DotCom Magazine we will look at five of the best mobile apps for kids with special needs.

Kiss app

TalkTablet ($79.99) – Best Assistive Apps for Communication for Non-Speaking Kids


For people that are unable to clearly communicate due to Laryngectomy, Stroke, Down Syndrome, Aphasia or Autism. With six different US English ACAPELA voices in children’s voices. While it won’t cure them or even make them immediately better, it will help in the long run.

Choice Works ($6.99) – Best Apps for Visual Schedules

This app helps children to complete their daily routines, control and understand their feelings and develop a greater patience threshold, including not interrupting and taking turns, for example. It helps children to foster independence while promoting emotional regulation and positive behavior. A game or app is sometimes an easier way for children with these kinds of delays to pick up on these things and rather than feeling told off, they can learn about why it’s important to be patient.

Speech with Milo: Verbs ($2.99) – Best Language App

Speech app

Speech with Milo: Verbs was created by a fully licenced and qualified pathologist who specializes in speech language. The Milo from the name is an animated mouse that can perform a variety of more than 100 different actions like play, count and bounce. This is great for children, toddlers and even infants with delays in their language learning.

Write my Name ($33.99) – Best Literacy App

Literacy App

Write my Name can provide help to children who have sensory processing issues and fine motor delays to practice their emerging handwriting skills. It does this by encouraging them to write their name and through tracing lower and uppercase letters. There are more than 100 words that most children would, and should, be familiar with.

Toca Hair Salon ($2.99) – Best App for Self-Directed Play

Toca Hair Salon can help children to become the masters of their very own domain. Well, help them to become a master of hair styling. There are six very different characters who all have lifelike hair that can be styled, combed, colored and cut by children. The characters in this game make fun sounds and faces while they are being groomed, teaching children that it is an okay occurrence and something everyone has to go through.

Hair Salon app