5 Best Tech Startups in Miami

There have been a number of great startups that have started making waves over the last few years in and around the Miami area. In the following post therefore, our team here at DotCom Magazine have decided to highlight a number of our favorites. We’ve chosen five startups from the tech industry in particular and based our choices on a number of different factors such as competitive landscape, product/brand traction, leadership team and revenue potential. We hope you are as excited reading about these as we were writing about them.

Tech Startups


Boat captain with Community

Boatsetter is a revolutionary and the number one boat rental community in the world and it exists to connect boat captains, boat owners and anyone else who is interested in having fun in the water. You can essentially use Boatsetter to create your own individual boating experience. Boat owners can rent out their boats safely, protecting them with the best insurance coverage and earn extra income to help pay for the additional maintenance costs. Captains can earn extra money doing what they enjoy doing, working on terms they want. They can set their own schedule, and make their own rules. Boat renters are able to choose from more than 3,000 boats around the world to explore the watery road with.


Home61 is an online realtor brokerage startup who are aiming to change the way the business operates and how business is done by providing agents and clients with much better technology. They work together as a team with a pool of different skills and experiences that includes – well-educated managers, real estate brokers and web experts to constantly grow the company that is focused firmly on meeting the expectations of their customers and providing the necessary care for them. They are firm believers in client satisfaction, transparency and trust.


Sport Digital Media

This startup is aimed at all the biggest and most hardcore sports fans. They are the most complete, fastest and easiest source of news on teams found on mobile and on the web. It is personalized specifically for diehard fans, so there is no other great way to keep track of the developments in your favorite sports teams any minute of any day. Standings, schedules, videos, rumors, news and Tweets are all collated into one place – Sportsmania. It was launched in 2012 and has fast become one of the most cutting-edge sports digital media companies in the industry.


Neocis was founded back in 2012 and has been developing cutting-edge robotic tech to enhance healthcare. They are always looking for investors who have a vested interest in healthcare and robotics and individuals that are interested in joining a first-rate team.


Kairos was founded in 2012 and is an AI firm whose specialty is face recognition software that makes it even easier than it has ever been to transform how businesses interact with customers and clients. By utilizing machine learning and computer vision, Kairos is able to recognize faces in the real-world as well as photos and videos.

Face Recognition App