Can AI Help You Launch Your Business?


    Emerging platforms are making it easy for the new generation of entrepreneurs to blossom.

    Thanks to the many perks of technology, there has never been a better time to launch a business than now.

    Artificial intelligence has improved the chances of aspiring entrepreneurs globally, and especially in the United States. AI technology has successfully addressed some of those barriers that frustrated prospective entrepreneurs from making a headway in business.

    According to a Harris Poll Survey in 2021, 61% of the American population have business ideas they hope to explore, but a dearth of knowledge, and the right business tools to begin has hindered them from executing these ideas. AI has taken over, and there is a new wave of AI platforms positioning AI to replace the need for MBAs to launch a business.

    Prospective entrepreneurs seeking a platform which offers comprehensive guidance, and assistance for establishing a new business can find solace with Tailor Brands. Tailor Brands started out as a logo creator company in 2014, but has now expanded its services to helping entrepreneurs to launch their business. By providing the platform the basic information about the status of your company including a brand name, the Tailor Brands system equips founders with a customized to-do list, and other inputs to support the business. These inputs include getting a domain name, setting up an active website, LLC registration, and securing necessary trademark approvals for the new business brand.

    When the CEO of  Tailor Brands, Yali Saar envisioned the company, the aim was to take a huge load off entrepreneurs, and give them the much needed time to focus wholly on the product and services they offer.  According to  Saar; “We are trying to create a world where building your own business is easy, and you are actually measured by the quality of your product or service.

    One of the essential  mediums that grows companies but is missing in  Tailor Brands service list is copywriting. Copywriting is the essential fine print through search engine optimized language aimed at advertising to grow a brand, enhance its image, and create adequate awareness around such a brand. Copywriting has become indispensable for marketing brands especially in this era of social media marketing. Pluralytics, a content intelligence platform provides other platforms with copywriting solutions.

    Founded in 2020, this platform allows companies to carve out, and express their distinct brand voice. It enables platforms to be very intentional with engaging  the right audience for product and service advertising. This is how Pluralytics delivers custom-made copywriting solutions; it uses an algorithm that measures the value of all the words included in a post. It then evaluates these value against a standard benchmark to measure its efficiency with the post’s targeted audience.

    Alisa Miller, Pluralytics cofounder describing the platform’s service says it turns copywriting which is originally an art into a science. It strategically uses data to convert advert viewers into customers with unprecedented precision. The algorithm is so efficiently designed that it distinguishes words with the same meaning to maximize appropriateness.

    Another popular platform offering artificial intelligence content solutions is Jasper. While Pluralytics supports platforms by improving the value of an already written content, Jasper is designed to even build content for businesses completely from scratch. Jasper makes a variety of usable templates such as real estate listings, and video scripts available on its platform from which businesses can choose from. All founders need do is submit an initial message description which the system enhances into a customized copy mirroring the founder’s style and purpose.

    Dave Rogenmoser, cofounder and CEO of Jasper describes the Jasper platform as not 100% as intended just yet. Posts created from scratch on Jasper still requires some level of skilful editing, and proofreading to make them usable. This has however not deterred users from using the platform. In the end most businesses will prefer the copywriting support Jasper offers even if it requires some editing input than struggling to write a copy completely  from scratch.

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