Luke Van Der Veer, Founder, Website Rental Coaching, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

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    About Luke Van Der Veer and Website Rental Coaching:

    After trying multiple business models in an attempt to create passive income, Luke invested tens of thousands of dollars in SEO training as a last ditch effort to escape Corporate America. With the goal of time freedom, he built an SEO agency, only to learn that client work was no different from a job. Luke shut down his agency, let go of his clients, and began treating websites like real estate. Instead of working on client sites, he started building his own lead generation websites and renting them out to businesses. By charging monthly “rent” in exchange for exclusive leads, Luke was able to use passive website rentals to kill his corporate job in under a year. His ex-clients took notice and several of them asked to learn the process, so Luke created a coaching program to teach it. Now, in addition to expanding his 7-figure website rental portfolio and acquiring local businesses, Luke helps business owners generate their own leads, create more streams of passive income, build wealth, and take full control of their time.

    Luke is the founder of Website Rental Coaching. WRC teaches people how to create true passive income by building, renting, and ranking out websites to local businesses. Members learn cutting edge SEO and a repeatable, step-by-step process that can be easily outsourced and scaled. As a digital landlord, you can recapture control of your time.

    Website Rental Coaching teaches people how to create a passive income by renting lead generation websites to local businesses.

    Our coaching clients are an even split of 9-5’ers and business owners, all of whom share a desire for time freedom. The 9-5’ers are often looking to replace their full-time incomes and quit their jobs. Some of them love what they do; others hate it, but all of them want more control over their schedule.

    Many of the 9-5’ers have tried to build businesses on the side before, or they already run successful side hustles, earning money with affiliate marketing, eBay, Amazon, dropshipping, network marketing, or MLM.

    The business owners want more control over their schedules too. Most of them own rental properties or invest in real estate, and quite a few of them have also tried one or more side hustles.