Yeliza Centeio, Founder, Integral Marketing & Advertising, A DotCom Magazine Interview

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    About Yeliza Centeio and Integral Marketing & Advertising:

    I’m a paid media advertising and marketing professional with over 15 years of experience. I’ve worked at advertising agencies as well as brand side across a variety of brands and industries; I relate best to DTC and eComm brands.

    After experiencing both agency and brand side, I decided to build my own agency! I’ve been fortunate enough to tap into my extensive network for support in areas where I’m not skilled so that, collectively, we deliver amazing results for our growing client base.

    We start marketing and advertising projects or get them to the finish line. If full-time brand management is your thing, we’re here for that too.

    A pair of copy blocks describing what Integral provides and its value proposition:

    Experience, when it matters.

    Talented people and teams for projects and brands: designers, developers, marketers, analytics experts, copywriters, and producers. You can get some of us. Or the sum of us.

    We’re Integral—to brands, startups, and agencies.

    Lose the bureaucracy. Get the talent.

    Time should be on your side when you’re growing a brand, so we threw out the red tape. Agency of Record contracts make sense, or they don’t; either way, you keep operational flexibility, and we keep flexing our creative muscles.

    Our agency is not like traditional agencies. We offer an effective and efficient model called the distributed model, also known as the virtual agency model. This model is more flexible over working hours and our ad agency can focus on the areas where our clients need help. We have part-time and full-time employees, contractors, freelancers, and more working together to meet the needs of our clients. Utilizing the best talent possible, whether that’s a full-time employee or not helps us exceed our client’s needs.

    Flexibility is the fundamental point of our agency. Our model includes different time zones, geographical locations, and cultural backgrounds- which offers alternatives and endless possibilities as well as many opportunities to find the best talent possible with location not being a limitation.

    We service brands across various industries on both the B2B and B2C side, are nimble enough to support start-ups, and even partner with other agencies to complement their offerings.