Can Detroit Lead The Way In Financial Wellness?


Pocketnest, a financial wellness company based in Detroit, Michigan has secured an extra $2.6 million in funding in a round spearheaded by  Reseda Group.

According to Pocketnest the secured funds will be used to accelerate product development, improve sales, and drive marketing initiatives. The company will also use part of the raised funds to push its 24 month runway.

Pocketnest CEO and founder Jessica Willis created the company as a financial wellness app to coach its customers on the 10 themes of financial wellness. Pocketnest was launched in 2019. Designed to help customers sort out their plans, the Pocketnest platform also helps users pinpoint the cross-sell golden moments for the financial institutions they license which includes credit unions, banks, 401k plan sponsors, investment advisors, and employee wellness systems. Asides helping financial institutions boost their cross-sell chances, the Pocketnest platform also licenses employee wellness systems to support employers with recruitment, productivity, and retention activities.

The fintech platform is found on principles of behavioral science and psychology. As such, Pocketnest users are coached through 10 themes of financial wellness using a nearly addictive approach which attracts users to the app to sort out their financial plans on weekly basis.

Pocketnest’s customer base currently covers at least 35 clients which includes Service Credit Union, MSU Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU), Community Financial Credit Union, TDC Investment Advisory, The Accel Group, Altruist, The Henry Ford, AutoBooks among other prominent companies.

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