About the Foundation

We believe financial competence empowers individuals to do great things for themselves, their communities and the world. Our mission is to make financial competence a reality for everyone and to promote entrepreneurship to inspire individual achievement. We believe these goals are complementary and essential to the dream of financial freedom for all.

But how to begin to solve such a challenging problem?

Over the years, the Foundations founders, Cary and Will, had seen the power of entertainment to move hearts and minds, and to capture a busy, distracted audience who might otherwise never pay attention. So when they set out to attack the problem, they decided to do it in a way that sparks the imagination and connects with the individual. Through the power of entertainment and storytelling.


We believe financial confidence is attainable by all, and its attainment is rooted in financial competence. Our goal is to motivate people to attain the financial skills they need to better manage their lives and their businesses.

The Foundation and our many generous partner organizations hope to raise awareness, inspire engagement, and motivate action in a number of ways.