Athena Boulgarides, Co-Founder & COO, Au Terreâ„¢, Inc. Founder & President, HappyTails Canine Wellnessâ„¢, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Athena Boulgarides, Au Terreâ„¢, Inc. and HappyTails Canine Wellnessâ„¢:

    Athena Boulgarides

    Dynamic executive who delivers immediate growth to maximizing stakeholder value as well as social benefit by applying strategic and entrepreneurial vision to organizational initiatives. Leveraging her success in the fields of real estate & asset management as well as corporate and non-profit environments, she is a skilled growth and turnaround architect who delivers results. An exceptional leader she excels at inspiring board and management teams, throughout the development and execution of strategic plans, projects and programs, through innovative solutions and effective team management. A proven visionary, Athena has been called on by global governmental and organizational leaders within the INGO community to design and execute key strategic initiatives that align and unite program development with stakeholder engagement and lead cause and omnichannel marketing efforts fostering and expanding strategic alliances and revenue generation initiatives.

    An influential leader, Athena is skilled at inspiring global visionaries to challenge the preconceptions of their fields embrace disruptive innovation. Known for building, retaining, and empowering teams focusing on continuous learning, productivity, and results for optimal impact, she is equally adroit in startup environments as well as established enterprises providing cross-functional leadership for dynamic organizational change and improvement. Athena excels in innovative, strategic development of organizational objectives and in clearly defining, articulating, and driving objectives to achieve outstanding results.

    Au Terreâ„¢, Inc.

    Au Terre, Inc. is a premier BioInnovation enterprise dedicated to advancing the fields of sustainable and biodegradable biopolymers, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and canine wellness with the mission to deliver disruptive, sustainable solutions to the world’s greatest health and environmental challenges.


    Driven by continuous innovation, we are committed to delivering evolutionary, sustainable, solutions, for our global community that inspire maximum wellness and the healing of our environment.


    To inspire maximum wellness and deliver bioinnovative environmental solutions, using our disruptive and sustainable technologies to improve the lives of our families, friends and customers, and change our world for the better, and forever.

    HappyTails Canine Wellnessâ„¢

    Our Cherished Mission is Your Dog’s Optimal Wellness!

    Our Story…

    HappyTails Canine Wellnessâ„¢ was born to celebrate the unconditional love we share with our beloved canine companions. We are passionate about providing dog lovers with the finest and most scientifically advanced canine wellness treats and supplements. Made with love in the USA, our products are formulated to deliver optimal results, so your dog can enjoy a long and happy life, filled with very HappyTailsâ„¢.

    Every generation cherishes its opportunity to experience unconditional love and to have a positive impact in our world. Our HappyTails Canine Wellnessâ„¢ family stands gratefully on the shoulders of the giants who came before us, and OUR TIME IS NOW! For centuries dogs have shared their unique expression of unconditional love and inspired us through their bravery, humor, and loyalty. As our companions, they trust us to give them the best nutrition possible so they can live long, healthy, and happy lives. Our cherished mission is to deliver the finest, scientifically advanced, and responsibly packaged canine wellness products available, so your dog can achieve optimal wellness.