Product Notification Is a Hot Space


The secured funds will be channelled for the growth of the platform through marketing, and awareness creation among developers. This will be achieved by hiring innovative talents to implement SuprSend’s agenda.

Notification infrastructure platform SuprSend which affords developers an avenue to design, and scale product notification across channels has secured $1 Million in a round led by BoldCap. All In Capital, Titan Capital, FourtyTwo.VC, and marquee angel investors were some of the other participants in the fundraising round.

The secured funds will be channelled to the growth of the platform through marketing, and awareness creation among developers. This will be achieved by hiring innovative talents to implement SuprSend’s agenda.

Alluding to Nikita Navral, SuprSend cofounder who described the company’s agenda; SuprSend is poised to help businesses with limited engineering resources to create product notification across multiple platforms in a timely fashion. This will help them to deliver an improved user experience. Navral expressed enthusiasm, and appreciation for the partners of SuprSend who aligned with the company’s vision reiterating that the secured funds will fast-track the realization of SuprSend’s vision.

Headquartered in San Francisco, SuprSend was cofounded by IIT Delhi’s Nikita Navral,  and IIT Bombay’s Gaurav Verma in January 2022. The company was founded as a reaction to the similar experiences shared by the cofounders from their previous jobs. The realization of how time-consuming, and how exerting  building and maintenance services had become for developers especially the fact that product teams relied on engineers for operational tasks has created the need for a company to provide solutions to the problem.

The complexities for management, and scaling of notification has emerged due to the proliferation of vendors and channels. The orchestration layer of most companies are incomplete, and it results in either excessive or insufficient notifications for end users. Others exempted from this require at least 10 engineers to fortify its orchestration layer.
Developers can now bypass this conundrum with SuprSend’s intentionally setup orchestration layer which addresses concerns such as compliance, user preference, integration, routing, logging and scaling. Simultaneously, the platform also gives a non-code access to product managers which they can use to design, and centrally analyse all notifications.

Speaking for BoldCap, one of the foremost partners of SuprSend, Sathya Nellore Sampat harped on how developers avoid grunt work yet spend long hours to manage and integrate their notification, and communication mediums individually. The implication is that without a smart delivery system this notification fatigue problem will continue to frustrate developers.

According to Sampat; “Currently there is an explosion of such communication platforms, companies spend a lot of time and effort to manage this internally, and we realized this is a global problem.”

Due to the eruption experienced in communication channels these past few years, it has dawned on most companies that user experience regarding notifications has gone beyond delivery system, and needs to receive more attention.

Bipin Shah of Titan Capital aptly elucidated on the need to address the notification conundrum by highlighting the new trend of large  companies having a designated team specially assigned to notifications.

SuprSend platform is gaining wider acceptance by the day, and has successfully onboarded over 100 companies onto its system. The platform stats also reflects an impressive 150% workflow currently.

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