Kevin Dooley, CEO, & Marc Lennox, Co-Founder & CTO, Kahi Inc, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Kevin Dooley, Marc Lennox and Kahi Inc:

    I have an immense passion for helping Restoration Contractors become more successful.

    For the last decade +, I’ve built businesses that empower Restoration Contractors to add scale, capability and marketability.

    I’m a process driven tech enthusiast and I’m fascinated by the rapid change that is occurring in the global economy and how it applies to the community I serve.

    I’m a big thinker visionary kinda guy that thrives on solving difficult problems and ideating on processes and business models that can scale fast and serve many.

    I lead with compassion, integrity, energy and an open mind, always knowing that change is constant and learning is forever.

    In the Diffusion of Innovation theory, I am most definitely in the innovator category. I have a successful track record of leading and growing highly productive software teams inside small growing organizations, pushing the technology envelope to solve big problems in the most effective way.

    I have spent most of my career working for startups I co-founded, 2 of which led to successful acquisition events. Despite being a software technology leader, I have also spent time wearing many hats within the companies I’ve helped start and grow.

    I firmly believe that hard work and hustle leads to positive results. I’m a quick learner and thrive on learning new and better ways to do things in order to let product teams focus on solving big problems efficiently.

    Kahi is the global asset tracking platform, designed for developers and solution providers to easily add beacon-based asset tracking to their product solutions.

    Kahi for Restoration is the first industry-specific solution built on Kahi, designed for Restoration Contractors to be able to track their equipment as they travel to-and-from job sites, allowing automation of invoicing, as well as understanding equipment availability.