Kelley Cahill, Founder & CEO, YOORZ ID, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Kelley Cahill and YOORZ ID:

    Kelley Cahill has dedicated her life to highlighting online scams and exposing con artists. She was conned out of a total of 1.5 million dollars by a man she met on MATCH.COM who claimed he was divorced but was actually married. Kelley has spent the last 12 years seeking justice and advocating for other victims both male and female to identify scammers and predators. This is what led her to create her company YOORZ ID in the hopes of preventing what happened to her not happen to anyone else. She has extensive knowledge about the laws that govern on-line crimes, and is building solid relationships with Government agencies as well as victim assistant programs.

    Kelley had a Bill S 5530 introduced into legislation and is working on getting bipartisan support at the Federal level so that all states will have laws in affect that will hold these perpetrators accountable.

    Kelley’s ongoing mission is to work with Legislators, Government agencies and Law enforcement to see that new laws are enacted that will protect the victims of online crimes. To this day there are no programs available for men or women who have been emotionally devastated and conned by predators of the internet. She has been on several radio shows, has made You Tube video’s sharing simple rules to protect online daters and her story aired on 20/20 June 24th, 2011 exposing the man who conned her.

    As a result of her misfortune Kelley created a company YOORZ~ YOU VERIFIED that uses the most comprehensive background credentialing system as well as biometrics of facial, voice, finger and Iris recognition to verify the end users true identity. When verified the end user will receive an encrypted HASH/badge that will be encrypted on to their social profile letting others know that YOU ARE WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE. YOORZ also has a D2C mobile application to ensure safety wherever you go.

    YOORZ ID is used to refer to the person or persons whom a thing belongs. In this case YOUR IDENTITY belongs solely to you.
    Current available technology can achieve a 99.999% reliable method to verify that a person´s online identity matches to their real identity. A person who completes the verification process obtains a secure certificate tied to their YOORZ account that can be used to verify their identity anywhere.