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anium is a private endpoint security firm that are based in California. This interesting company became a fabled 'Unicorn' in 2015

Tanium is a private endpoint security firm that are based in California. This interesting company became a fabled ‘Unicorn’ in 2015 and have managed to retain their place among the other 259 top companies around the globe for a full three years. As of 2018 their net worth sits somewhere around the $6.5 billion US, and with a focus towards cyber security we can already see how they are doing so well What we wanted to know was how they got to the size they are today.

Cyber Security


Tanium was founded in 2007 by David Hindawi and Orion Hindawi – a father and son duo. Previously they were the team behind the success of Big Fix, a firm they eventually sold to IBM. Their chief product is Tanium itself; a tool for managing desktops and other endpoints quickly, effectively and within pre determined limitations. Their product is exactly on trend right now and has been since the internet began its current phase of opulent growth. Tanium represents a brand who knew what the market wanted and provided, and they are still with us today because they continue to do so.

System Security

As well as helping to manage your clients, Tanium has security measures built in that have thus far proved very effective. With P2P clients and an ability to seriously increase the speed of your networks Tanium’s main customers are businessmen and women of all trades. They use high end technology and are constantly developing new ways to improve their product overall. Tanium Index is their main product at the moment, but it is highly likely we will see this company turn to other security software in the future. The endpoint security they include means that any device remotely connected to your infrastructure will be screened and blocked should they try to install any harmful software on your systems.

It breakage costs billions of dollars every year so it is perfectly understandable that big business leaders might turn to security solutions much like these. By preventing these endpoint attacks companies are able to save themselves money – but also their reputation. Once a firm has been hacked and it has leaked to the press there is virtually no coming back from it. Reputation is everything, and once it has been damaged you could spend a lifetime trying to rebuild and it would never be the same again. Such it is with Tanium, whose service creates rolling profit and whose software can help stop hackers in their tracks.

List of Services

Of course Tanium are responsible for the Tanium system, but it does a few other things besides just keep your firm safe online:

  • Tanium Index – a search function and the live version of their goods.
  • Endpoint management and security.
  • Researching and development of new, related technology.
  • Multi use platform capable of running across your full business at once with no speed slow down.
  • Speeds up IT management to a more acceptable level.

With the digital era in full swing and a business world currently focused on getting online and staying that way; one could argue that the likes of Tanium have a safe future as a steadily growing unicorn.

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Further Information

If you would like to find out more about Tanium then you can do so by visiting their website.