DotCom Magazine Announces The 5 More Great Android Apps

Top 5 Best Android Apps of 2018
The apps the team here at DotCom Magazine have chosen to highlight are all apps that anyone and everyone can use.

There are more Android apps out there than we could bother to list, which is why we are not going to. There are also lots of apps that are designed with specific people in mind. We are not going to talk about them. Rather, the apps the team here at DotCom Magazine have chosen to highlight are all apps that anyone and everyone can use. Without further ado, here is DotCom Magazine’s top 5 Android apps of 2018.

Android Apps

Google Drive Suite

Google Search Engine

Google Drive is an Android-compatible cloud storage platform that provides you with 15GV completely free when you sign up. There is also the option to expand if necessary. The best thing about the Google Drive though is the full suite of amazing apps that are connected to it, including Google Keep, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Slides, Google Sheets and of course, Google Docs. You are pretty much covered for all bases of productivity with this one set of apps. Furthermore, these apps themselves have excellent features including deep sharing, live collaboration and full compatibility with many MS Office docs. While Office and OneDrive are a similar kettle of fish from Microsoft, the Google set is more intuitive and easier to use.


Pocket Casts

If you are a bit fan of podcasts, there really is only one sensible choice in an app and that is Pocket Casts. It’s attractive, stable and enables you to stream or download numerous podcasts. You can choose video and audio-only casts and it even comes with a feature that helps you sync all your devices up, a dark and light theme and a good recommendations feature.



Are you an organizational junkie? Although TickTick is not the most popular to-do list app, it could actually be the best one. You have all the expected options such as categories, organizational features, push notifications, reminders and recurring tasks. It also lets you share entire categories and specific tasks with other users. This is ideal for families, small business teams and other kinds of groups. It’s also ideal for using for grocery shopping lists.

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is an absolutely essential app for any Android handset or device user. It’s basically a password manager that enables you to save your important logins in a very secure and safe manner. That’s not all though, as LastPass can actually help you to generate almost impossible-to-decipher passwords that can be used on all of your accounts. The whole thing is controlled by one master password and it features support across multiple platforms so it can be used for tablets, mobile devices and computers. Although there are other good ones out there, LastPass always seems to be ahead of its competition. Furthermore, the cost of the premium edition is relatively cheap.

Google Assistant/Google Search/Google Now

This is one of the most powerful apps available. It also benefits from working with just about any Android device. To start, download it and enable it and you are ready to rock and roll. Ask it just about anything. There are also a set of commands that it will follow. There is no shortage of what you can do with this amazing app from Google.


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