David Barnhart, CEO & Co-Founder, Arkisys, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About David Barnhart and Arkisys:

    Have been priviledged to conceive, architect, and develop a number of very cool space projects so far in my career. My passion is in disruptive innovation through inspiration and spurring imagination in thinking, the kind that will truly change how the world uses and creates the 2nd generation of space capabilities. There is no reason we cannot start to consider very large scaleable self assembled systems on orbit to solve problems in power, weather, ecological monitoring, and ultimately outward expansion to the planets and stars. Specific technical areas of interest include creation of manufacturing assemble-able modules and developing new research in on-orbit aggregation technologies; self assembling systems on orbit and the econometrics of making that happen; democratizing the design of what is known today as spacecraft into tablet-based tools for anyone to “build”, on orbit; self reconfigurable systems on orbit that serve multiple functions.

    Oh, and sailing the “Millennium Voyager” with my family to meet new people, discover new countries, and write new stories of adventure!

    We build Space platforms and vessels that will be able to be re-docked and re-used again and again, enabling low cost lease-based services for new innovations, inventions, communications, and creative assemblies in Space.

    Through adaptive hardware and software interfaces, web-based interface ordering, and options for fast launch and data transport, Arkisys provides multiple services for a Global customer base. We are developing a platform that will connect you to your data, your mission and your new space vessel.

    Arkisys is building one of the first Business Platforms in Space for new Technology Hosting, Satellite Integration, Assembly and Resupply. “The Port” is a lighthouse on orbit and a beacon to enable existing and new customers and markets in Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars and beyond. The Arkisys Port supports scaleable rapid prototyping, new payload and technology testing, assembly and integration of new free-flying space platforms, and destinations for orbital transfer vehicles and on-orbit assembly and manufacturing. We are unlocking undiscovered markets and enabling pioneering technologies for the new ecosystem of space development.

    We are enabling your new business to test, experiment, build and fly re-useable space platforms and vehicles as quickly as three months from order. We help you get to the Port and provide security upon arrival. The Port can scale with your business needs on demand, from Earth and beyond.