Kerry Siggins, CEO, StoneAge, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Kerry Siggins and StoneAge:

    Kerry Siggins is the CEO of StoneAge, Inc., a global leader in designing and manufacturing high-pressure waterblasting and sewer cleaning tools and equipment used in the industrial cleaning industry. StoneAge sells and supports its products throughout the world and has over 170 dealers in 45 countries. She is also the Vice President of the Waterjet Technology Association (WJTA).

    Kerry joined StoneAge in January of 2007 as the Director of Operations. In 2009, she was named CEO by StoneAge’s Board of Directors and has since led the company in building a robust global presence resulting in double-digit growth year over year. She recently acquired Breadware, an Internet of Things (IoT) product development firm based in Reno, NV.

    Kerry is an expert strategist and excels at setting and executing corporate strategy and planning. Her financial acumen and discipline have led her to obtain double-digit growth year over year while maintaining 20%+ EBITA. Kerry’s passion lies in organizational and leadership development, where she helps StoneAge employees grow both personally and professionally. Under Kerry’s leadership, StoneAge became an ESOP Company in 2015, and her employees enjoy a strong culture of ownership and engagement. She is proud that StoneAge shares a significant amount of its success with its employees and believes that ESOPs are a viable model for founders looking to exit their companies.

    Kerry sits on several other boards, including MODSTREET, Chinook Medical Gear and the Fort Lewis College School of Business Advisory Board. In addition, she is an avid supporter and volunteer for multiple organizations, including Fort Lewis College, Trails 2000, La Plata County Economic Development Alliance, and the Women’s Resource Center.

    Kerry was named a Top Influential CEO in 2021 and was a finalist for Colorado’s CEO of the Year in 2017. StoneAge is recognized as a top 100 company to work for by Outside Magazine.

    Kerry is a member of YPO Colorado, where she is on the executive committee of the Doing Business Globally Network. She is a dynamic, sought-after speaker who presents worldwide at corporations, universities, seminars, and conferences. She hosts two podcasts, Industrial Theory and Reflect Forward and the videocast In The KIoTchen. She is an author, blogger, and contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Authority Magazine, and BIC Magazine, and her blog is visited by thousands of readers each month.

    StoneAge Inc. is the world’s leading provider of industrial cleaning tools, automated equipment, technology, and resources. Founded in 1979, StoneAge is headquartered in Durango, Colorado, and proudly serves customers across 35 countries worldwide. Our team is 100% comprised of employee-owners, providing a level of service and dedication rarely seen in today’s work environment. It starts with the tools, but ends with our people, our culture, and our values.

    StoneAge was born for two reasons: to help solve challenging industrial cleaning problems and create engaging and rewarding jobs for its employees. StoneAge’s first product was intended for use in the mining industry – it was a water jet drill used to drill holes for explosives in uranium mining applications. When the Three Mile Accident happened in the late ’70s, nuclear power generation halted, and there was no longer a market for the tool.

    The founders pivoted when they met an industrial cleaning contractor who said, “If you can drill holes in the rock, you can drill out the fouling in the heat exchanger!” That’s how we moved from mining to industrial cleaning. We are now the world’s leading manufacturer of waterblasting tooling and automated equipment for industrial cleaning applications. Think high-tech squirt guns on steroids.

    We are also a 100% employee-owned