Amelia Randolph Campbell, CEO & Founder, ARC Inc, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Amelia Randolph Campbell and ARC Inc:

    Amelia Randolph Campbell, CEO and Founder of ARC,Inc. is a certified Speaker with The Big Talk Academy, TEDx Speaker and a Yahoo Finance pick for the Top 10 Motivational Speakers to watch in 2022.
    She spent over a decade performing as a stage and screen Actor, based in New York, followed by years in Leadership and Sales Coaching, and has taken her two unique careers to create a platform which elevates the personal development experience for leaders, positive disruptors, influencers, and communicators. Her book, currently in development, and subsequent courses empower people with her groundbreaking methodology to interrupt and completely reimagine behavioral habits, releasing all limits on life.

    Several years into becoming a Mother of two while building an online beauty business, I had a game changing realization. I thought, hang on, I know exactly how to live in ways that remove all limits on what I can think, feel, and create. I know how to change my mental and emotional state and actively choose for it to serve me no matter what. I know how to allow things like time, circumstance, and change to empower me vs. feel problematic. I know it because I’m a trained Actor, and the day I realized that I had for the most part left these life enhancing skills in rehearsal or up on those stages, was the day I wanted to create a real bridge. There was no reason that this way of thinking and working couldn’t deliver the same freeing, enlivening, and fulfilling results in real life, and there’s not a reason why they can’t for you too.

    My mission is to put this simple and powerful mindset and some of the specific tools which back it up, right into your pocket, so you can feel more alive too.