Mary Grothe, CEO, House of Revenue, A DotCom Magazine Interview

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    About Mary Grothe and House of Revenue:

    Mary Grothe is the founder and CEO of House of Revenue® and Fractional CRO of Spotz. She is a faith-based leader, entrepreneur, global keynote speaker and the host of two podcasts: ‘Revenue Radio’ and ‘Destination Remarkable’.

    Mary began her sales career at a Fortune 1000 company where she quickly advanced from an admin role to being the number one sales representative. By following her natural instincts to always put the customers first and listen to their needs, she was able to drive success for her clients and herself and brought in millions of dollars in revenue.

    Driven to help others achieve success, Mary founded her first company at the age of 28 and became a business strategist for star tups. Over a three-year period, she was instrumental in helping 36 startups reach profitability. Her passion for scaling companies grew and she founded Sales BQ® to expand her reach from startups to companies with $1 million to $3 million in annual recurring revenue.

    Mary recognized that focusing on the sales process alone was no longer enough to successfully scale a company, so she evolved Sales BQ® to House of Revenue® and developed a holistic revenue strategy that integrates sales, marketing, branding, customer success and revenue operations. House of Revenue® builds unshakeable revenue foundations set for scale by focusing on all aspects of the revenue engine, essentially creating a Chief Revenue Officer service. In the past year, Mary has helped multiple second-stage growth companies, between $1 million and $10 million in annual recurring revenue, double their monthly recurring revenue within 10 months.

    As a faith-based leader, Mary inspires and empowers others to commit themselves to “do remarkable work”, to structure their lives so that they can truly honor their values, and to ask the questions, “What is most important in my life? Do I want to be successful, or do I want to be significant?” She is a global keynote speaker on entrepreneurship and faith-based leadership, and is working on two upcoming books to be published under Forbes.

    Our ideal CEO has hit a revenue plateau and is ready to invest in their entire revenue ecosystem to level up on their journey of scaling between $1M – $10M+.

    Our comprehensive 12-month revenue scaling program engrains competitive go-to-market and brand strategies and builds up the processes and people required to scale revenue across branding, marketing, sales, customer success, and RevOps. Led by a Fractional CRO and 5-7 person revenue growth support team, your revenue engine is built inside of your company; nothing is rented – you own it, it works, and you take it over in months 10-12 once the new engine gains repeatable traction. We are not meant to be long-term, but the engine we build for you is!

    Most companies struggle to gain alignment between marketing, sales, and customer success. Their mid-funnel and post-purchase activities become inefficient, the division of labor becomes blurred, and the cost to acquire customers increases. Plus, this lack of alignment bleeds into the sales to customer support handoff, retaining customers, and expanding revenue.

    We focus on alignment throughout the entire customer lifecycle, including the buyer’s journey and customer’s journey, so you consistently attract, engage, and delight your customers and holistically scale revenue. No silo approaches here.

    As a Fractional CRO with a 5-7 person revenue growth support team, we work with your team to build a strategic and holistic revenue approach where all revenue departments work together. All of our revenue engines are built on HubSpot; we serve B2B technology, SaaS, professional services, manufacturing, and distribution clients, who have a starting annual revenue between $1M – $10M.

    Some consultants might promise “tons of leads” or “expert sales training” to fix your underperforming sales team. That silo approach doesn’t work. You need a growth team that understands all facets of revenue, including branding, marketing, sales, customer success, and RevOps.