Josh Selig-Votaw, & Kristina Spooner, Vice Presidents at iFocus Marketing, An Interview

Digital marketing, on a mission.

Were iFocus Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency, powered by curiosity and caffeine, fueled with forward-thinking, and primed to turn ideas into action. We want to be your comprehensive digital partner, no matter your business or industry. Sound good? Lets grab coffee and see where this goes!

We believe in exceeding expectations

. . . With our superior service. We wake up every morning, ready and excited to brainstorm with our clients. We dont sit on the sidelines and cheer you on; were running the race with you. We meet face-to-face for conversations that drive goal-oriented strategies founded on a deeper understanding of your business.

. . . With our data-driven philosophy. We love data so much, we might marry it. Your digital marketing campaign should always evolve based on how consumers respond, and we stay attuned to them through on-going data analysis.

. . . With transparent reporting. What return am I getting from my marketing dollars?! you ask. Not with iFocus Marketing. Our detailed monthly reports show you exactly whats happening with your digital marketing campaigns.