Fred Cordova CEO & Founder, Corion Enterprises, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Fred Cordova and Corion Enterprises:

    Highly creative real estate leader, advisor and player-coach with broad product and functional expertise; extensive public company and private capital experience; skilled in asset repositioning and building platforms that deliver exceptional value in repurposing urban commercial real estate.

    Corion Enterprises is a highly specialized boutique commercial real estate consultancy, brokerage and investment advisory firm with deep capital markets, transactional and asset management expertise across multiple product types. We collaborate closely as a team and with our clients, investing time, energy and resources up front to bring a wealth of creative skills and tactics to solving asset challenges that drive alpha results for the property and our clients.

    Corion Enterprises, LLC. is a boutique commercial real estate platform operating through two divisions: Corion Properties, Inc. and Corion Capital Partners, LLC.