Nathan Milner, Founder & CEO, Unspeakable, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Nathan Milner and Unspeakable:

    When I was only 9 years old I built a car from a hovercraft…Pretty impressive? Remote controlled!

    When I was only 8 years old I built a Lego city with 23,453 Legos…Is that impressive? No?

    Well, how about when I was 2 years old I built the Eiffel Tower! With magnets, of course…

    Since I was young, I’ve loved creating things and venturing into things I’ve never done. I also made videos about things I enjoyed. One day I decided that I was going to become an astronaut. Then, after a year of brainstorming, I got realistic and decided I wanted to be a YouTuber.

    I started by making Minecraft videos, but unique ones that would draw a new audience and players to the game. After nearly two years of uploading unique, creative, and funny videos to my YouTube channel almost every day, I hit 100,000 subscribers. I felt like I accomplished the world, and I was on top of everyone! However, my journey hadn’t even started yet. I had to teach myself how to adapt, edit content in different ways, entertain an audience, and grow a brand up to the millions! I never gave up because I couldn’t go a day without thinking about what video I was going to create next!

    You have to work really, really, really hard if you want to be truly great at something. For the last 3 years I barely took a day off, pushing myself to working 115 hours a week. I worked every waking hour for months. But I didn’t dread a single minute of it because my passion was dripping out of me. Every ounce of muscle and brain power wanted to create a successful YouTube channel that people from every country in the world would tune into. Take every day as a learning opportunity to improve. Take every failure as a learning opportunity to be better next time. You may move 5 steps forward today, but 3 steps backward tomorrow. Growth never comes from your comfort zones.