About Chad Silverstein and Choice Recovery:

Founder and CEO of [re]start, Choice Recovery, and Platform Partners.

I’ve worked in one of the toughest industries to do business for almost 25 years and developed a distinct approach to solving chronic problems. I build innovative collaborative relationships to produce common sense solutions that are not commonly practiced.

[re]start connects people to meaningful employment opportunities, but not just anyone. Individuals are referred to our online career development app by our clients, who we call “Sponsors”. These sponsors are leading companies having a positive social impact by giving people the lift they need professionally so they don’t have to find a job all alone.

Choice Recovery – collects what others can’t. We take the industry collection model and flip it on its head. The reason people can’t pay? Unemployed and unemployment. Instead of harassing people who find themselves in debt, we provide solutions to problems by helping people find meaningful employment opportunities.

Platform Partners – helps businesses scale the training and wisdom in their organization. Playbooks transform the onboarding experience for new hires, Teams leverage Playbooks to house all of the policies, processes, and best practices and delivers it to their team on a scalable online platform.

We take a different approach to collections for better results.
By taking a people-first approach to collections we discovered a way to get better results for our clients while helping those in debt. We recover what others can’t because we help people with the root cause of financial stress, which is why we help those sent to collections find new jobs so they can pay their bills—and we collect far more than our competitors because of it.

We are a 3rd party collection agency. Recovering money our clients may be what we do, but transforming people’s lives is who we are. We have a distinct approach not used by any other company in the collection industry.

By extending career services to people sent to collections, our results speak for themselves. Our “best place to work” culture guided by strong core values and a team who share a common purpose to help those we serve, puts us in a class not many other agencies can compete with.

With more than 20 years as a leader in the collection industry, we are an outlier in one of the toughest industries to do business.

We serve clients in Healthcare, Dental, Higher Education, B2B, and Financial Services.

Choice Recovery helps businesses recover what they can’t using an innovative approach that is unheard of in the collection industry. When people can’t afford to pay their bills they have nowhere to turn. Empowering people and helping them find meaningful employment opportunities changes everything, for everyone.

People actually want to work with us, not run from us.We have walls covered with love letters to prove it.