Are You Killing Yourself As An Entrepreneur?


    Self-care enforcement has gone beyond the conventional approach. More people are adopting a multidimensional approach because it is proven that improved habits increase the chances of success.

    Besides the freedom associated with entrepreneurship, there are so many other direct benefits to be enjoyed once you make this life changing decision. However beneficial entrepreneurship may be, it also has its accompanying troubles. There is a consistent introduction of obstacles,  and problems that an entrepreneur must find solutions to everyday. As the old saying goes; “health is wealth”. Without good health, and complete wellness, the entrepreneur may be unable to achieve the vision, and mission of the company. There is a  bulkier burden of stress for entrepreneurs compared to most, and so there must be a system in place to combat the effects of this stress.

    So long as you are qualified to be referred to as an entrepreneur, you must endeavour to prioritize self-care. Self care is just as important as the other aspects of running a company.

    It is a common temptation to fully commit to your work at the detriment of wellness as an entrepreneur. However experience teaches us that prioritizing self-care is a way to boost productivity, and find work fulfilment in our chosen careers. Below are some helpful habits entrepreneurs should develop to improve themselves, and their performance.

    1. Eat the most healthy food

    The father of medicine, Hippocrates taught us “let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food”. Being in the right frame of mind to run a business starts from our diet. What you eat is important as it is what fuels your system, and determines your physical, and mental state.  The tendency to work long hours as an entrepreneur sometimes leads to eating what is available rather than what is healthy. Stick to natural foods, and not junks. Consider your food to be your medication because you are what you eat. Maintain a balanced diet, eat right, and make your jug of water your best friend.

    2. Have adequate rest

    Most entrepreneurs fall for the temptation to keep working when the body demands otherwise. There is always an idea to develop, another plan to implement before sleeping. For you general wellbeing, have adequate rest every 24 hours. Adhere strictly to your sleeping schedule, and you will immediately notice an improvement in productivity. This will also reflect on your creativity. People who are sleep deprived are not as mentally alert as they should be, and this should cancel the idea of working when you should be resting. Target 7 -8 hours of rest every 24 hours. It doesn’t really matter what time you choose to rest but stick to a pattern, and watch your life improve immensely.

    3. Identify your  business boundaries and stick  to it

    Drawing clear lines to separate work from private life may be difficult for entrepreneurs, remote workers etc. especially when running a new business. The freedom can easily be abused so you find yourself taking business calls or replying to official emails outside business hours, setting up business meetings during weekends, and other such compromises. The consequences of not drawing sharp boundaries to separate work from private life includes stress, lack of adequate rest, and terrible nutrition  just to name a few. After a while all these can cause the system to crash.

    Do not misuse your freedom as an entrepreneur. Even though you make the rules, and set your time to work as you please, communicate this clearly so as to separate your business hours from your private life. You should have this clearly spelt  out in your accessible description.

    4. Take time off work regularly

    Why do  we need to have regular vacations or rest at weekends? All work no play makes an entrepreneur less productive. There are so many ways you can relax, and spend time off work no matter how short the time-off may be. Enjoy nature, take a break away from your computer screen, and the aggressive mental exercise that entrepreneurship demands. When you cool off regularly you come back better. We hardly notice how physically and emotionally draining gadgets, and confined spaces are until we step outside to reboot.

    5. Normalize Outsourcing

    If you are serious about self-care, do not try to be a “Jack of all trades”. Be conscious of your workload, and how much you can handle at every point in time. Learn to delegate responsibilities, and watch your productivity improve. As entrepreneur,  you are a leader, and great leaders build leaders not followers. Focus on your areas of strength, and outsource to other capable hands when the need arises. Everything including work must be in moderation, and know when to say no to more work.

    Modern definition of  self-care

    The idea of self-care is a dynamic one as there are factors that determine its definition at every point in history. Beyond massages, luxurious skin lotions, and fanciful dinners, self care encompasses those habits that helps people generally improve as individuals. Self care makes you healthy, and improves your productivity. Some activities associated with self care in modern times include; social interactions,  meditation, yoga, hiking, and individual pursuits that engender fulfilment.

    It may seem that this word is getting overused recently but for entrepreneurs; self-care should be a watchword as it reflects on work productivity, and overall wellbeing.