Ron Laikind, Founder & CEO, ExtremeMist PCS, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Ron Laikind and ExtremeMist PCS:

    I live in Arizona, the hottest state in the union, and I’m an avid outdoorsman who’s explored the world’s deserts – including a 1000 mile trek through the Sahara. I was always grappling with the heat – I didn’t want it to stop me from the activities I love. I looked around for anything that could help, but high-pressure misting systems were only for home or commercial use. And personal systems were low-end, hand-held, mini-fan style misters. That wasn’t good enough!

    I knew what I needed – A compact, lightweight hydration backpack with a built-in mist system, hands-free and professional-grade, built for someone out for long hikes, rides or runs. But, would it be possible to get a high-PSI pump and a high-capacity rechargeable battery into a small, light and durable pack?

    After extensive research, I was convinced it could be done. I spent over 2 years of development and testing, refining the specs, adding features to make it more flexible, sourcing high-quality parts and making sure it worked.

    Then, finally, it was ready! And it has transformed my summer activity! I get more days out, plus I’m more comfortable and having more fun. It’s become my favorite piece of outdoor gear – and I’m sure it’ll become yours, too.

    My mission was to help active people keep cooler, and that mission doesn’t end with the launch of my ExtremeMistâ„¢ PCS (Personal Cooling System). We’re just getting started. I’ve already developed multiple nozzles for use in or out of a pack. Plus, I’m working on several other ideas, including solar charging for long adventures, and an integrated safety vest for construction workers, traffic police, and municipal road workers.

    The positive response to the ExtremeMistâ„¢ PCS has been truly gratifying. People can use it for any outdoor activity – chores out in the yard, beach and poolside recreation, parents on the sidelines at sporting events, and festivals like Burning Man and Coachella. It has already helped people in ways I couldn’t have anticipated.

    Portable misting experts with two main product lines based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Personal Cooling System (PCS) Our main product line was introduced to the outdoor community as a 2-n-1 hydration backpack with a built in mist system for personal cooling and other portable outdoor misting applications.

    The Personal cooling system backpack is like no other hydration pack on the market to date. Recover faster, and extend the life of any outdoor activity by drinking and misting from the same system. Our Blue pump technology atomizes water into mist at 170psi as it mimics sweat to help cool you down as it evaporates from skin contact. ExtremeMist (PCS) Personal cooling system will allow you to recover faster and extend any outdoor activity by cooling the surrounding air temperature by up to 30 degrees.