Jeff Lavelle, CEO, Strictly Restaurantsâ„¢, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Jeff Lavelle and Strictly Restaurants:

    Jeff has spent 24 years in the hospitality industry as a Restaurant Controller prior to opening Strictly Restaurantsâ„¢. His immense success is attributed in part to his detailed work experiences in various positions within the restaurant industry and his strong financial background. Jeff and his family previously owned and operated their own restaurant/deli for several years. His last full-time position as CFO/Controller was with French Chef David Bouley which led them to start Strictly Restaurantsâ„¢ thereafter. As being an industry insider, Jeff has come to understand what each and every position and individual brings to the success or failure of a restaurant.

    Jeff has worked both the FOH (front of the house) and the BOH (back of the house) in various capacities then transitioned his way into the corporate office and is presently, the owner of his own business. He has the expertise and experience to turn a less profitable restaurant into a profitable business or an average restaurant into a Michelin star worthy place. Whether you are looking to make a profit, increase your customer base, or take your restaurant to the next level of successful management, Jeff and his team has what it takes to make it successful.

    Strictly Restaurants is fully developed management consultant company that offers a full range of services for the Restaurant industry. The goal of the company is to train Management & Staff on how to bridge the gap between departments and minimize your overhead.

    The philosophy of Strictly Restaurantsâ„¢ is to build long-standing, trusting relationships with our clients. We seek to offer more than just the “facts and figures”. Our mission is to treat every client with the individualized attention they deserve. With years of experience and a diverse variety of business backgrounds, our staff brings a unique blend of experience to accounting, consulting, and restaurant marketing services. During the business consulting process, we will help you clarify your financial goals and objectives and create a plan that will enable you to rise to the next level of business performance. Year after year we remain one of the top restaurant accounting businesses as evidenced by our professional referrals and client testimonials that we receive on regular basis.