DJI Innovations Science and Technology Company LTD – The Skinny

DJI Innovations Science and Technology Company LTD - The Skinny
With commercial advertising providing a rise in demand for UAV images we can only assume that DJI will introduce bigger and better models in the future.

Da-Jiang Innovations is a Chinese company that specialize in consumer electronics, videography, photography and new technology. Although they do function throughout the globe their main base of operations is in Shenzhen, China. DJI Innovations are one of only 260 unicorn companies in the world – thus called because their value is estimated to be greater than 1 billion dollars. DJI made the list in 2015 and are now reputedly worth $10 million USD. With such a renowned reputation we wanted to know what made DJI Innovations so successful…and how they stay that way.

Electronics, Videography, Photography

DJI Innovations

Trading nowadays as the abbreviated DJI, this firm was founded by Frank Wang in 2006. Its products include work on the unmanned vehicle, a flight control operating system and their own brand of camcorder. Its most famous product range is that of their unmanned aerial vehicles – or drones – which have taken a surge in popularity in recent years. Aerial photography and videography is being used to sell houses, to inspect rooftops for repairs, to sketch out large areas of land from above and to go where people can’t… arguably, the drone was what they built their fortune upon.

Dominating the Drone market with an estimated 70% stake, DJI technology can often be found in more commercial places. Hollywood films are frequently created using their camcorders and their technology has applications in the world of music, too. By constantly refining, researching and upgrading their technology they are able to stay ahead of the curve. ‘Better Call Saul’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ are but two of the many productions created by using DJI drone footage. The drones themselves have won numerous awards for their creativity and professional usefulness and have been copied by millions of companies around the world…but DJI had the original!

Aerial Photography

They don’t just work on drones and do have a whole department developed to creating flight controllers and GPS compass receivers. They also sell DJI VR goggles. Although it might not seem like a viable business plan to focus on drones and unmanned vehicle flight technology it is estimated that markets will see around 4 million drone users by 2021. If this trend continues then DJI are on to picking up a whole load of business with their controlling share of the market. With funding from Accel Partners and Sequoia Capital it is a solid assumption that big businesses see the potential in this firm and we have no option but to agree.

List of Services

DJI have a range of products rather than a list of services, but here are the ones we know about so far:

  • The VR Goggles which connect seamlessly with your drone to help you fly better.
  • The Osmo, The Osmo Mobile and the Osmo Mobile 2 camcorders.
  • Spark – their economy drone that does not scrimp on quality.
  • The Matrice Drone Series.
  • The Inspire Drone Series.
  • The Spreading Wings Drone Series.
  • The Mavic Drone Series.
  • The Phantom Drone Series.
  • The Flame Wheel Drone Series.
  • The Ronin ground camera platform.
  • The range of flight controllers offered.

With commercial advertising providing a rise in demand for UAV images we can only assume that DJI will introduce bigger and better models in the future. It is also likely that they will evolve their headset to develop into a fully VR experience. Only time, however, will tell.

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Further Information

If you would like to learn more about DJI then you can visit their website by following this link.

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