Lauren Mingee, Founder and CEO, Quintessa Marketing, A DotCom Magazine Interview

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    About Lauren Mingee and Quintessa Marketing:

    Lauren Mingee, mother, wife, and prosperous businesswoman. She founded Quintessa Marketing in 2016. A native of Midwest City, Oklahoma, Lauren now lives in Edmond with her husband, Leo, and their four children. Lauren is a sales and marketing professional known for her passion for entrepreneurship and supporting women in business.

    Lauren has begun to share her story on multiple outlets such as the DotCom Magazine entrepreneurial spotlight series, the Chris Voss Show, and the At The Helm podcast. Lauren has received numerous nominations, including for the Journal Record Woman of the Year Award and the Hundred Magazine 100 Women in Oklahoma City.

    Her primary objectives are to help female business owners and entrepreneurs overcome difficult obstacles and grow their companies to previously unthinkable heights. Lauren believes in lifting up others, empowering them to take advantage of new opportunities and grow their business skills.

    She is passionate about giving back to others and attributes much of her success to her relationship with God. Thus, she donates to the Youversion Bible App which has already been installed on over 500 million unique devices all over the world. The Bible App offers a free Bible experience for smartphones, tablets, and online at

    Lauren partners with ReMerge of Oklahoma County is a pre-trial diversion program that serves high-risk, high-needs mothers facing non-violent felony offenses in Oklahoma County dedicated to restoring women to their families and our community.

    We are driven to find a victim of personal injury, the right attorney who will fight for their rights and get them the highest compensation possible. Our partner attorneys and law firms obtain the best competitive advantage and a perfect complement to their marketing departments.

    Quintessa has achieved elite status as the national leader of quantity and quality converting retainers for personal injury attorneys. It is specifically because we carefully connect compensable and deserving victims that contact us with the attorneys we trust, that will battle for maximum compensation for our vetted potential clients.