Julie Jakopic, Founder & CEO, iLead Strategies, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Julie Jakopic and iLead Strategies:

    Julie Jakopic, President/CEO of iLead Strategies has been helping leaders succeed since she tutored her friends in math in third grade. She started her career in retail and was one of the youngest managers for Bloomingdales and Estee Lauder, while still in college. She moved to the non-profit sector, taking her private sector customer service skills to serving families at-risk and her entrepreneurial skills to building organizations. In 2003, she moved back to the private sector, as a Vice President of the Development Services Group and then as a technical director for ICF International, where she leads work with the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services.

    In 2007, she founded iLead Strategies, an organizational development firm that strengthens leadership effectiveness. By helping business, non-profit and government leaders and organizations clarify their vision and then create effective strategies and cultivate the relationships to bring that vision to life, iLead Strategies makes the seemingly impossible possible.

    Julie is a nationally recognized and respected coach, speaker and strategist. She has shared the stage with President Obama and has been featured as a business coach by WUSA television and appears on or in the Washington Post, Vanity Fair, Al Jazeera WUSA9 and NBC4.

    Julie is fiercely committed to helping clients get the outcomes they want for their customers, their organization and themselves.

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    What is iLead Strategies?
    iLead Strategies is an organizational development firm helping leaders of organizations that serve others achieve extraordinary results for themselves, their organizations and those they serve.

    Leadership requires both vision and realism. It’s not just talking about hopes, but securing dreams. It’s not just identifying challenges, but achieving extraordinary results.That means being clear about vision, communicating goals, creating effective strategies, committing to action and sustaining the effort.

    What can iLead Strategies offer me or my business?
    – Leadership coaching
    – Results-oriented strategic and sustainability planning
    – Consulting
    – Meeting design and facilitation
    – Training and technical assistance
    – Change management and program development