Workplace Fire

You expect to stay safe while on the job, but accidents can happen. Your employer should outline safety procedures when you’re on the job, along with how to handle any necessary equipment. They should regularly check in to ensure all employees follow the guidelines to keep everyone safe.

If you experience a workplace fire, you might want to know what compensation you can seek. Learn about injuries on the job and what you should do before you find a fire injury attorney near you.

Fire Injuries on the Job

Fires can cause first-, second-, third-, and fourth-degree burns on your body. First-degree burns are mild and heal within a few days. Second-degree burns cause blisters, can lead to infections, and take several weeks to heal. Third-degree burns damage your nerves and require surgery. Fourth-degree burns cause life-threatening damage to your skin, muscle, and nerves.

You can also experience detrimental health concerns due to smoke inhalation during a fire. You’re breathing oxygen-depleted air, which can cause confusion and drowsiness. You might hurt yourself as you try to get to safety because you’re not thinking straight. Breathing this air for too long can be fatal.

Fire injuries leave both physical and mental damage. You shouldn’t be responsible for your medical and mental health bills. Hiring a professional attorney can help you understand who to bring a claim against and what to expect as a settlement.

Workplace Fire Faults

Fires can happen by accident or due to negligence. Your employer has a duty to protect you when you’re on the job, so you might have a case against them depending on the circumstances of the fire. You can also hold the person liable for not following workplace safety guidelines.

Sometimes, a fire happens because of faulty machinery. A fire injury lawyer will assess the situation and know who they can hold accountable for the accident and your injuries. You can bring personal injury claims against anyone at fault for the fire.

Compensation for Workplace Injuries

Workers’ compensation covers partial medical expenses for employees injured on the job. The policy can also cover some of the lost income due to the inability to work with an injury. But the funds have limits and don’t cover what you might need for your pain and suffering.

Even if you filed for workers’ compensation, you could file a personal injury complaint for further financial help. Hire an attorney and give them all the information about the accident, your injuries, and any received medical attention. The lawyer will estimate the settlement you can reasonably expect based on the at-fault parties.

You can’t claim any medical bills covered by workers’ compensation since the policy paid those. Your lawyer will ensure all the pain and suffering you claim are legal and likely to pass with the judge’s decree.

Hiring an attorney helps simplify the process of getting the financial compensation you deserve. Workers’ compensation is a bare-bones policy that will cover some medical bills and recoup some lost income, but it will not be what you expect. Medical expenses add up quickly, and if you’re unable to work, you risk going into debt in the process.

A lawyer will professionally assess your case and handle all the paperwork and communication. They communicate with your employer and the insurance company to negotiate a satisfactory settlement. You won’t have to keep up with any paperwork or make phone calls because your attorney does everything for you.

Final Notes

If you’ve experienced a workplace fire, you must ensure you can pay your medical bills. Workers’ compensation might not be enough to make ends meet when you combine your injury with a loss of income. Hiring an attorney with fire injury experience guarantees you’ll get a fair settlement to ease the struggle of your suffering.