Is Positive Thinking All Its Cracked Up To Be?

Positive Thinking

Your thoughts determine who you are. It determines what becomes of your business as it is the extent to which your imagination will shape your reality. Master the art of positive thinking to improve your business, and your personal life.

If you are struggling as an entrepreneur to grow your business, and improve your personal life, have you examined your thought pattern? You seem to have tried everything you should but somehow things are not adding up, it might be the right time to master the art of positive thinking to transform your life.

Guide your heart with all diligence because out of it springs forth the issues of life. This advice is essential for entrepreneurs because  practicing, and maintaining positive thinking is the key to surmounting challenges that present themselves daily. Entrepreneurs must understand that they will never grow beyond their imaginations. As an entrepreneur thinkers in his heart, so he/she is in reality. Keeping a positive mindset is possible. Pay attention to these two things:

1. Discover your Purpose (why)

Positive thinking revolves around fruitful thoughts, and visualizing success. It also involves finding happiness in situations rather than being stuck on your bucket list. Positive thinking becomes second nature if you discover your purpose. Figure out “why”. Positive thinking is about who you are. It encompasses your values, passion, life’s purpose, and how you derive fulfillment. These are the things that matter when things are too twisted for comfort. When you know your purpose, and why you do the things you do, maintaining positive thoughts become much easier.

Fredrick Nietzsche once said “he who has a why can endure anyhow “.  During difficult times, entrepreneurs can always find motivation, and a resurgence of creativity when they reconnect to  their why. Your why is your purpose which distinguishes you from your competitors, and contemporaries. You will most assuredly find a channel for positive thinking if you identify your purpose, and stay true to the course. In business, your purpose is your ultimate goal. Your mission and vision is a vehicle to pursue your purpose. Businesses exist to monetize creative ideas, but your purpose is that “why” beyond making money.

2. Evaluate your self image

Self image is sometimes the differentiating factor between those who succeed, and those who fail. Self image refers to how we view ourselves in our mind. It is the depth of your imagination about yourself. It refers to what you think of yourself, who you think are, and what you think you are capable of accomplishing. Those who have a positive self image of themselves can achieve almost anything they set their hearts to accomplish, whereas those who have a negative self image always find it hard to reach their goals. People with negative self image give up all too easily because they do not see themselves as capable individuals.

Having a positive self image makes it easy to take action, such individuals are goal getters who easily find motivation. They also have the fortitude to persevere in the face of extreme harsh realities. Developing a positive self image automatically translates to positive thinking. It helps people focus on their goals, and the things that can be achieved and not what is missing. You are what you think you are, and a positive self image attracts positivity.

How to develop positive thinking

1. Identify your purpose: discover what your purpose and core values are, and be able to express them.

2. Itemize what you love about yourself, and the things you are passionate about: this is a sure way to develop a positive self image.

3. Develop the positive image of who you want to become: create your desired image, and pursue this at all times. Let it define your actions, and inaction.

4. Live in the reality of the positive image you have developed: there are times when negativity seeks to muddy your self image. Reconnect to the positive image you have developed for yourself, and manifest it. Always ask yourself if who you are at every point in time is who you would love to be.

This is a tested and trusted remedy to eliminate negativity, and stay committed to positive thinking. Connecting to your purpose will keep you on track, and help you develop and maintain a positive mindset to accomplish anything you set your heart to accomplish. It will prompt you to take action when you should, and also help you persevere when challenges appear.

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