Chike Agbai, CEO & Founder, Azumo, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Chike Agbai and Azumo:

    My name is Chike Agbai and I am the founder of Azumo.

    Azumo is a nearshore software development company focused on hiring and providing talented software developers who can build intelligent data, mobile, web, and other modern apps for companies like yours.

    I got the idea for Azumo while working as an investment banker for almost 20 years, advising on over $100 billion in transaction value for software firms on strategic mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and public equity and debt offerings. With the rise of the cloud, I truly felt that large and small enterprises would be able to create intelligent applications inexpensively using emerging technologies like Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Infrastructure, and open APIs.

    At Azumo, we collaborate with customers to create high-quality solutions in ways that few businesses can match. We are a software developer that provides project-based development and staff augmentation for difficult-to-find software development positions. We do all of this as a distributed company because I believe as many others do that talent is everywhere.

    We’ve had the pleasure of working with some fantastic clients from a variety of developing, fast-growing start-ups to household names like Facebook, Twitter, and Discovery Channel at Azumo. We’ve also been fortunate enough to observe the inner workings of over 100 client businesses from a variety of industries. I’ve drawn on those experiences to improve and grow Azumo to what it is today. I’ve also noticed that the one thing that stays constant among all of our clients at Azumo is a desire to develop amazing software products and services using technology, just like we do.

    Based in San Francisco, Azumo is a top-rated nearshore software development company. Customers work with us to scale their software development efforts and build high quality web, mobile, data and cloud applications.

    At Azumo, we build intelligent applications. We are passionate about technology to solve complex problems for our customers around the globe.

    From our proprietary AI-based solutions like,, Baneka NeuralDB, and myNLU to custom software development solutions that have helped our customers scale their businesses, we are focused on innovation through our nearshore development capabilities.