Alex Franks and George A. Deal, Partners, G&A Consulting Group LLC, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Alex Franks, George A. Deal and G&A Consulting Group LLC:

    Alex Franks is a passionate and determined individual that thrives on learning, collaborating, and networking. My goal is to help people reach their professional and/or personal goals and aspirations as it relates to financial and economical advancement.

    Alex is a certified public accountant in the state of Maryland. Originally from New Jersey, Alex made his way to Baltimore, Maryland in 2004. He attended Morgan State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. After undergrad, Alex began his public accounting career at CohnReznick in 2009 as a tax associate. During his time at CohnReznick, he specialized in real estate and partnership taxation.

    Alex decided to move his career in a different direction and he left Cohnreznick in 2018 as a senior tax manager. He joined M.L. Lichtenberg & Associates, a public accounting firm located in Towson, Maryland. At MLL, he learned to become a practical accountant. His focus is helping small businesses and high-income earning individuals with business, tax, and accounting strategy and compliance.

    Alex’s main goal is to provide financial guidance to underserved businesses and communities. He is passionate about education and providing the knowledge necessary for businesses and individuals to reach their financial goals.

    George A. Deal is a highly motivated supervisor with 11 years of extensive experience in leadership, auditing, compliance, and financial management. Areas of expertise include government accounting, general accounting duties, auditing,, financial reporting, and contract administration. In addition, I have advance experience in financial research and analysis, administration, Data mining, Data analysis and supervision. Key strengths include team building, leadership, and dedication to customer satisfaction. I also pride myself on having excellent written and oral skills e.g. oral presentations, reports, memos, etc. and interpersonal communication.

    George is a certified public accountant in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Originally from South Carolina, George made his way to Alexandria, VA in 2009 after serving in the United States Army and attending Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. He has over 12 years of experience in governmental auditing and providing auditing services. He started his career with the Department of Defense (DOD) where he worked on both compliance and performance audits of defense contractors.

    Additionally, George’s motivation and development as an accountant provides him with the necessary ability to be able to service small business owners and individual clients on a personal level that is beneficial to their financial literacy in accounting functions. He works with them on their year-end and ongoing tax preparation needs. But that’s just the beginning. he also delivers in his role as an advisor who helps them understand how taxes, revenues, and expenses can be managed for business success. George is also an Intuit Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor that specializes in operating the QuickBooks Software that is predominantly use by small businesses. He received his Masters in Business Administration from Saint Leo University and Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Morgan State University.

    G&A’s mission and vision is to foster success through our integrity, honesty, respect, and will. Our relationships, teamwork, and collaboration are what we deliver to our clients. We help businesses and individuals grow and exceed their expectations. G&A will always provide expertise, act as a resource, and will deliver on our promises.

    G&A’s objective is to help you exceed your goals and aspirations. We want to know the issues that keep you up at night and provide effective and efficient solutions to help you and your business continue to grow.