Jay D. Miller, Owner, Fault Line Sales, LLC, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Jay D. Miller and Fault Line Sales, LLC:

    Trained in B2B sales at a Fortune 50, followed by B2B direct sales for a San Francisco-based, Venture Capital funded technology start-up, again followed by B2B direct sales for a London-based, bootstrapped technology startup, I bring a rather diverse background and experience to any sales team. Since leaving the London startup and moving back to San Francisco, I’ve been consulting with funded, early-stage startups and other SMB’s as a Fractional Sales Manager/VP/CRO. In this role, I benchmark the Sales Best Practices of startups and SMBs around the country, then bring that knowledge to bear for companies here in the San Francisco Bay Area, nationally, and internationally. Areas of focus range the full sales cycle, beginning with lead generation and prospecting, and working through Qualification, Negotiation, Objection Handling, Deal Closure, Account Management, Pipeline Building, Funnel Management, and more. As I move clients through the exercise of building out their Sales Process, we also cover sales technology topics such as Sales Enablement and Sales Engagement tools, CRM selection and implementation, Contact Databases, Call Recording Systems, etc.

    My interest in working with startups on their Sales Strategy/Sales Process problems began after I’d spent a few years with two different technology startups on two different continents. While with these startups, I often would attend startup hiring events, conferences, and any other event I could find to attend. At these events, I would make it a point to spend a few minutes with the founder(s) and/or the executives of these companies and I would always pointedly ask about their sales process or sales strategy. WAY more often than not, I would be told that no such process or strategy existed, and that others would buy from them simply because their product or service was just so darn good! Over more than 350 such interviews, I began to see a pattern…and an opportunity.

    Fault Line Sales helps small businesses, and funded-startups, to sell like big business. We do this through the implementation of a proven & repeatable sales process.

    Fault Line Sales was founded in 2019 by Jay D. Miller.

    Having spent 15 years in B2B sales, selling first for a Fortune 50 company and following that with sales and sales leadership roles at technology startups in both San Francisco and London, Jay brings a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to the art and science of selling in the B2B space.

    Fault Line Sales LLC is a Fractional Sales Management Consultancy based in San Francisco, serving global clients across Europe and North and South America. Powered by the SalesQB Fractional Sales Management system, we follow a “Process-Technology-People” flow, as shown in our Path to Guaranteed Growth infographic.