TapSocial Launches Story Ads for the Web with New Additional Services

TapSocial, an Innovative Digital Advertising Agency recently announced the launch of their new advertisement called “Story Ads for the Web”.

With this new Advertisement, “Story Ads”, which are often found on Apps like Instagram and Facebook, can now be displayed across the Top Websites in the World. This is an extremely powerful medium for businesses as it offers a Story-like experience that people are already familiar with.

“We’re really excited about launching this to our industry,” says Alex Kanner who runs Tap Social’s New York office. “It not only offers us another way at reaching consumers but re-invents what brands can do within a 300×250 banner ad; something many brands have been longing for.”

Stories, which are actually the most common format on social media can now be used in combination with the advantages of Digital Advertising. For example, Restaurants and CPG Brands can now have their social media food stories on food websites, directly where their audience engages.. https://bit.ly/TapSocialDemo

Story Ads have long been the most popular and engaging unit on Social Media platforms. 500 Million people use Instagram Stories every single day, and 58% of users say they’re more interested in a brand after seeing it in a story. Additionally statistics show that 50% of users have gone ahead and visited a website to make a purchase of a product or service after seeing it in Stories.

The power of a well crafted Digital Marketing Plan is undeniable. As a Leader in Digital Marketing TapSocial uses Story Ads for the Web as another tool for increasing revenue and lowering acquisition costs for their clients.

Some of TapSocial’s additional services are Programmatic Advertising, the #1 Technology in the World for Marketing across Websites, Apps and Social Media Platforms. As well as SEO, where they offer a Guarantee to be on the 1st Page of Google or your money back.


At TapSocial Each brand receives one-on-one consulting along with In-depth consultations which allow them to fully understand the specific needs and pain points of their client’s organization. With this information they’re able to develop customized strategies aimed at building processes that allow brands to automate their growth.

TapSocial uses the same technology as the top 100 Companies in the World.  Reach out today and see how we can implement these powerful marketing systems for YOUR business to succeed.

About TapSocial

TapSocial is a premier Digital Marketing Agency focused on helping companies grow with the latest Advanced Advertising Technologies available.



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