Technology Incubator Atomic Labs by Contentsquare Celebrates One Year Anniversary; Supports 5 New Startups


December 7, 2021 –Contentsquare, the global leader in digital experience analytics, announced today the next class of startups working with Atomic Labs by Contentsquare, the company’s startup ecosystem designed to help growing companies develop their vision, product and market position. This marks the completion of Atomic Labs by Contentsquare’s first full year of working with burgeoning startups to define their business, hone their product, and support the entrepreneur’s growth path with the support and guidance of Contentsquare’s executive team and experienced go-to-market strategist.

“We are very proud of this new crop of startups joining Atomic Labs by Contentsquare. Each one of them is leveraging technology insights to innovate and create disruptive solutions to address the challenges of our digital society — from customer experience all the way to impact. By synergizing closely with these startups, we bring maximum value and growth to the entrepreneurs that join Atomic Labs by Contentsquare,” said Maxime Giradeau, VP Startup Ecosystem, Contentsquare.

The new class of startups now joining Atomic Labs by Contentsquare spans a variety of ecommerce solutions, including sustainability, creative and personalized engagement, and digital marketing performance solutions:

Booxi aims to improve in-store experiences and conversion by using AI-powered systems to book in-store meetings with brand experts. Booxi can integrate booking opportunities in a chat or after key events in the consumer journey to help customers educate themselves and make more informed purchasing decisions, empowering brands and consumers alike. Contentsquare’s focus is to help Booxi build strong online drive-to-store strategies and recommendations by leveraging data to power decision-making, all while getting the complete view on the user journey and identifying patterns to deliver big-picture digital marketing insights to the brand deploying Booxi’s solution.

Glanceable centralizes all consumer feedback from social media, review websites, and internal data onto one platform. As brands and consumers continue to lean towards digital engagement and shopping, Glanceable allows brands to identify patterns in customer feedback to improve their overall approach to customer experience and communication. The configurable, AI-powered platform delivers a macro view of customer engagement that is highly valuable to strengthen customer service and communications strategies.

Greenmetrics measures the environmental impact of online activities through their “Greenmetrics Score.” Its technology identifies the most environmentally harmful practices and equipment and provides recommendations on how to reduce carbon footprint over time. Greenmetrics is starting to use Contentsquare data to track and measure each carbon footprint interaction for digital shopping journeys.

Nicholas Mouret, Co-founder and CEO, Greenmetrics, said, “We are so happy to be joining the Atomic Labs by Contentsquare incubator because of the technical, data, security and commercial support that they will be able to provide us. Greenmetrics’ analytics product improves UX and truly gives it a new environmental dimension.”

Potions improves personalization on a brand’s ecommerce website without the use of cookies, made possible by using Contentsquare data to enrich analytics, improve solutions, and build an environment for data scientists.

-   TheContillery AI technology scores images and videos to predict engagement power and marketing performance. The platform’s intuitive interface allows marketers to easily access insights on the performance of their existing visual content, predictions as to which future content will work best for their audience as well as source inspiring new creative from leading creators and image libraries worldwide.

Atomic Labs by Contentsquare launched in November 2020 to give early-stage companies technical and logistical support to turn their ideas into products and businesses positioned to scale in the market. Atomic Labs by Contentsquare helps empower select startups who already have an early version of a product, accelerating product development and the commercialization of their solution.

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