James Cammilleri, Owner, JSC Management Group, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About James Cammilleri and JSC Management Group:

    James and Sarah Cammilleri own JSC Management Group. The company owns and operates over 60 Burger King restaurants in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

    From an early age, James had an interest in business. He has a strong family background in the hospitality industry, as well. James spent his early years working with his uncle in a family restaurant and later worked with his father at their Burger King franchise. Today, James has reached a high level of success in the franchise industry.

    The Cammilleris business empire has grown from two restaurants to over 60 in the past seven years. This can be attributed to their strong moral principles and instinct for planning strategic business moves.

    We own and operate 69 Burger King restaurants in NY, CT, MA, and RI. Our executive team has over 85 years of combined Burger King experience. We achieved 2020 Burger King Franchisee of the Year and are consistently ranked #1 in the Northeast region amongst active franchisees. Our food and labor profitability are second to none. We maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction in quality, service, cleanliness, and image.

    Using a calculated expansion model and growing only when a good fit for the organization, we expanded from two to 66 Burger King restaurants in less than eight years. Throughout continued growth, we retain the highest level of operational excellence and deliver the best product to our customer base. Our formula for success lies in our ability to put people first, which ultimately translates into superior operations and profitability. When our leadership teams’ personal lives are in order, they can focus with intensity on their professional responsibilities. We endeavor to support, develop, and inspire forward-thinking, service-minded leaders.