Dobromir Kotsev, CEO Of Donatix – A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

Dobromir Kotsev
Dobromir Kotsev, CEO Of Donatix

Dobromir Kotsev is the CEO of Donatix. Dobromir is a thought leader, influencer, visionary, and successful entrepreneur. Dobromir provides the leadership and energy that has inspired the creation of Donatix. Dobromir Kotsev joins other leading CEOs and Founders taking part in our Leader Roundtable Interview Series. The DotCom Magazine editorial team has recently awarded Donatix with our Impact Company of 2019 award. We are delighted to have Dobromir join us for our Leader Roundtable Interview.

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Dobromir, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day for this interview about your company, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

1. Dobromir, please tell us about Donatix.

We are a web and mobile application development company that specializes in working with Start-ups and Corporations in the healthcare, financial and travel sector. Our credo is Ship it fast, make it last, so we take pride in helping others building mesmerizing products. At the same time we also try to be flat-structured, informal, remote-friendly and fun place to work.

2. How did you come up with the idea for Donatix?

Completely by accident to be honest. I met with some friends and we were looking to build something on our own rather than working in the corporate sector. After some tries and fails, Donatix was born.

3. What is the key to your company’s success?

I believe it is the team. I once read that every business is a “Organism that wants to die”. It is the team that helps it survive and thrive. In our case we are heavily people-centric business, so having the team-members that share the same values and hunger for success is our biggest strength.

4. Many of our readers are just starting to build a company. What advice can you give entrepreneurs just starting out with a new venture?

Do you research and customer development first, If you are building a product, start with MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or MLP (Minimum Loveable Product) and measure it rather than investing time and money into a fully finished product. It is really a basic principle, but We at Donatix have worked and have witnessed first-hand many Start-ups fail because they did not follow the above mentioned approach. Last, but not leas although the role of entrepreneur is romanticized in the media, the odds are really against you, so be prepared to go through many hurdles both mental and financial.

5. For other entrepreneurs seeking to build a business as successful as yours, what advice can you give them when times get a little challenging?

Be patient and do not give up. It is also important to try to separate your personal life you’re your professional one. Even if the venture does not go well that does not mean that you are a failure and you could try again.

6. How do you make sure your customers will become raving fans of your company?

A core value in our company is to strive to over-deliver and exceed expectations.
In the B2B space acquiring new clients could be a lengthy process, so getting new business or referrals from your existing client base is crucial. That puts customer-success as one of the most important pillars.

7. In today’s fast changing business environment, how do you stay abreast of things?

On my free time, I’m trying to read as much as I can as well as listen to podcast about business, sales and marketing. Apart from that I attend different trainings, networking events or closed groups, where I hear about new developments in the space. Inside the company we also tolerate a culture of knowledge sharing: we sit once a week to discuss different topics: technical, business etc.

8. What is your “Why”? Why do you get up in the morning, and how do you keep yourself at peak performance to lead Donatix?

Firstly, is the team and the people who I work with. Secondly is the challenge of building and developing something from scratch.
As far as keeping peak performance: I work-out two or three times a week during lunch hours. That helps me clear my head and energize me for the upcoming daily challenges.

9. Can you recommend a book that has had an influence in your career? How did it influence you?
There are plenty of books that I have read and I love spanning across different areas. If I have to pick a more general one useful for life and career it is going to be the “Obstacle is the way” by Ryan Holiday. It changed my viewpoint how I see difficulties and challenges in my life.
10. What makes a great leader?

I think first and foremost having faith in your own ideas and beliefs. Secondly is having a vision of where you want to go and thirdly is knowing your team: their strengths and weaknesses.

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Dobromir Kotsev, thank you so much for participating in the DotCom Magazine Leader Roundtable Interview Series. We very much appreciate the time you spent helping our readers learn more about what it takes to build a great company and become a great leader. We wish you, your family, and of course Donatix, nothing but the best.

Thanks again!