HR and Management Technology Company FlexOS Looks Interesting

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FlexOS Singaporean HR tech firm concludes its oversubscribed $1m seed round

Singaporean HR tech firm FlexOS has raised US$1 million in seed funding after an oversubscribed round spearheaded by Do Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm.
Other participants in the fundraising round were Hustle Funds, VIK Partners, Vulpes Ventures, and some angel investors.

FlexOS was founded by ny the trio of Daam van Rossum, Greg Marshall, and Jonah Levey in 2022.
Through FlexOS, companies can operate around Asia Pacific can engage hybrid teams and operate hybrid offices in their preferred locations.

The platform offers a gamified office check-ins with meeting room bookings. The platform also provides information and deep insights for HR teams and management for an improved employee management and engagement.
The aim of the platform is to facilitate the success of companies and the individuals involved with this company. Jonah Levey, an executive at FlexOS summed things up thus; “We help employees stay more connected to their colleagues and their companies, feel part of a workplace community while working in or out of the office”.