Top 5 Restaurant Apps You Need in 2018 Announced By Dot Com Magazine

Top 5 Restaurant Apps You Need in 2018

If you’ve ever needed to, while on the go, look at the review of a restaurant or to get reservations at that incredibly popular and always booked up eatery? Perhaps you need to find a place to eat for a large group of indecisive, but extremely hungry people? We’re here to help. There’s an incredible selection of restaurant-related apps out there right now. So many that it may be intimidating trying to choose the best one for your needs. Allow DotCom Magazine to help you though as we talk you through our five favorites.


Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor should be one of your go-to’s for restaurant recommendations and reviews. It’s user-generated, so although that means you sometimes have to take things with a pinch of salt, if the general consensus about a restaurant is either good or bad, it’s usually worth paying attention to what the Trip Advisor users are saying. You can check out lists of the top-rated places to eat in your local area or wherever you happen to be staying or visiting.



Starbucks have their own app that makes it incredibly easy to benefit from special offers, free drinks and money-saving discounts. All just because you used the app to order your drinks and pay for them. You are able to order in advance, meaning you don’t have to wait in line and get stars that go towards your awards. This is essential, particularly if you frequent Starbucks regularly.

Tip Calculator

Do you find it a hassle, when trying to do the right thing, to do the mental math required to work out the size of tip you should be leaving after a fabulous meal? This is the app for you. It enables you to choose the tip percentage and add in the total cost of your meal. It can even be of great help when you are looking to split your food bill with other diners. Incredibly simple to use and amazingly helpful.

Open Table

Romantic Dinner

If there is an easier way to find and book tables at restaurants for no extra charge at all, we have yet to find it. Open Table is an essential tool to have at your disposal whether you need to book a table in a restaurant at short notice or are planning that romantic dinner for two with your significant other. In addition to its primary functions, you also receive rewards in the form of dining credits every single time you use the app when you are going out for dinner. Its extensive coverage is another reason why we just had to highlight it in this post.


Tasteful is a healthy eating app that allows you to search for restaurants and menus based on your own specific dietary requirements. It will help to search for eateries and menus that include gluten-free items, along with low-carb, paleo, vegan and vegetarian suitable food.

Tasteful Healthy Eating