Top 5 New York Start-ups

The city that never sleeps has a solid (and rightly so) reputation for being a hotbed of intriguing and exciting startups, normally focused in the financial and e-commerce areas of the marketplace. However, there’s been a recent spate of startups cropping up in other sectors too. In the following post, the team here at Dotcom Magazine have highlighted the New York City-based startups we think are most exciting and should be watched closely because of their vision and determination.

New York City Startups


Have you ever given thought as to how you could avoid crime that may be happening in your area? A new app, called Citizen aims to provide that information by keeping people safe by informing them of all the crimes that occur in their neighborhood. If something’s happening and you’re getting close to the scene of the incident, the app alerts you with push notifications based around 911 alerts. You get live updates about crimes as they happen and can even upload videos of any incidents you witness and converse with other users. So far, the crime tracking app is used in San Francisco and New York, but could start being used in other cities over the next couple of years.


Boxed(Public Company

Boxed provides an easy way to buy household goods and food in bulk that can be delivered straight to your front door. The founders of this app took inspiration from bulk retailers like Sam’s Club and Costco, but wanted to make this style of shopping available everywhere. It enables you to shop for large boxes of food and goods at heavily reduced prices, whenever you want from wherever you are. The main selling point is that it makes bulk buying convenient. What’s more, there’s no additional membership fees or delivery charges.


Quip is a startup based in Brooklyn that offers electric toothbrushes that start at the low price of $25. The thing that makes this startup stand out is that the replacement heads are delivered to customers on a three-monthly subscription basis. Meaning that they’re brushes are continuously maintained as long as they are a member of Quip. Along with the replacement heads, you will receive oral care tips and guides to improved brushing.


Audio Recording

Anchor was originally founded in 2015 and is an audio recording and uploading platform that is considered to be one of the easiest ways to create podcasts. You can make a podcast using this service and app with your phone and no other expensive equipment. AS well as publishing your finished podcast to the app, you can also publish it on Google Play and Apple Podcasts.


Bowery meets the needs of those of us with growing concerns about the nutritional value and content of our diets. It does this by making indoor farming an easy process. They achieve this by using nutrient rich water beds rather than soil and using LEDs instead of the sun, so are able to produce succulent greens throughout the year.

Food Product