Jonathan Rosenfeld, President & CEO and Dr. Jerry Fisher, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Innovating Edge, Inc, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Jonathan Rosenfeld, Dr. Jerry Fisher and Innovating Edge, Inc:

    Jonathan Rosenfeld, President & CEO OF Innovating Edge, Inc and qualified professional with experience in Strategic Branding, Fashion Marketing, Business Development, Full Service Advertising Agency, and Start Up/ Small Business Operations.

    Gerard “Jerry” E. Fisher, MBA, Ph.D. has been advising major Fortune 500 organizations and many smaller and mid-sized companies on techniques for improving their innovation strategies and implementation, strategic planning, team building, marketing effectiveness, cross-team interactions, and sales and management skills for 50 years. Having been raised in family that fostered and instilled the values and ethics and appreciation for philanthropy, Jerry has spent his life working closely with human needs and charities large and small. The Fisher family has donated over $30M to programs that are dedicated to helping ease poverty, racism and devastating diseases. Jerry continues his philanthropy work and support internationally and locally in Rochester, NY. Jerry holds multiple advanced degrees from Michigan State University; including an MBA and Ph.D. in Business Administration with specialties in strategic planning, marketing, advertising, organization development, and life coaching; as well as a Ph.D in Economics with specialties in Finance and Supply Chain Management and Design. He has also studied organizations from an academic perspective. Jerry has spent many years teaching team building, marketing, strategic planning and innovation management at the undergraduate and graduate level at Michigan State University, The State University of New York, Rochester Institute Technology, and the University of Dayton. Certified in multiple instruments and assessments used around the globe in diverse range of business and incubators, Jerry has extensive first hand expertise in correlating client strengths and shortcomings into actionable gains during critical pivot points for management teams and organizations. Having created, helmed and sold multiple companies, Jerry’s broad range of expertise allows him to share with his clients a wide range of options for innovation planning, strategic planning and design, team building, executive coaching, and market share growth. His style is a unique one, developed over years of working with executives and executive teams from more than 300 organizations in 35 different industries in over 100 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. Jerry created and served as President for the award-winning agency: Center for Organization Development Inc., based in Rochester, NY and his award-winning Marketing Edge seminars and consultation material have been translated into French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Spanish. In a bold shift to a more agile operations.

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    Innovating Edge is a powerful combination of Innovation instruments and Innovation exercises deigned to help you and your teams harnesses the invisible and natural Innovation traits we all have. Discover your Innovating Edge and unleash the power of The Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator® Executive Edition , (ISPI™ EXE) combined with the Award-Winning marketing practices developed by the Center of Organizational Development, Inc. (COD) and Executive Coaching Lessons developed by Fisher DeHann Consulting.