Wayne Goshkarian, Founder & President, Dylan Consulting, LLC, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Wayne Goshkarian and Dylan Consulting, LLC:

    Wayne Goshkarian is more an entrepreneur than an insurance broker. His career in the insurance industry has been one of continuous refinement, reinventing and improving standard practices and implementing a range of cutting-edge systems.

    Today, he is the Founder and President of Dylan Consulting, LLC, a Scottsdale, AZ firm that develops advanced solutions necessary for the marketplace in an ever-changing world, including the developing gig economy.

    Association for Entrepreneurship, USA (AFEUSA) is one of Wayne’s clients and he serves as director of communication for the organization, as well as providing key marketing support for its member insurance programs.

    Dylan Consulting has secured more than ten name-brand carriers with guaranteed issue products for AFEUSA. Beyond that, Dylan’s IT Department went above and beyond to develop an updated, “end-to-end” online, Amazon-like enrollment system that feeds APIs directly to TPAs. Wayne found that many IT platforms look good on the front end, but the back ends tend to be 5-20 years old. His team solved all that.

    A History of Innovation

    Wayne has specialized in individual health coverage for non-standard risk individuals, a first-to-market laptop-enrollment system in 1994, and was one of the first to pioneer a laptop enrollment system in 1999. All these innovations improved the communication of core and voluntary benefits for enrollees.

    Since the 1980s, Wayne has developed his extensive experience in financial and estate planning for groups large and small, both fully insured and self-funded, in addition to owning a worksite marketing enrollment company to serve groups as large as 60,000 employees. This has given him firsthand expertise within the individual and group space.

    It’s important to note that the industry commission system hasn’t changed in at least 50 years while business costs continue to climb. Wayne’s visionary goal is to create solutions that support reliable and credible distribution long-term — years ahead of what the insurance industry is thinking.

    Dylan Consulting is focused on advanced solutions for the marketplace and you as the broker/consulting. Our industry has not changed much, but the world has changed a lot. We provide group filed products, modern Amazon like technology and a modern-day commissions system to help grow and retain your business long term.

    Our specialty is not the industry standard of progress but advance well beyond that to give you tools that advance your client, the insured and your agency in an ever changing world.
    The insurance industry only changes when there is government regulation or when another carrier has something they want the same. We have seen this for 47 years
    Dylan Consulting has developed the name brand carrier partners, guaranteed issue products down to 1 person, technology that is Amazon like enrollment experience, and commissions system to build your company without pouring more money into it.