Buck Mims, Chief Executive Officer, National Public Safety Group, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Buck Mims and National Public Safety Group:

    Buck began his public safety journey in 1988 at the Roanoke Rapids Police Department in North Carolina. In 1990, he was led to serve with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. Although he left fulltime work as a law enforcement officer he remains sworn in the state of North Carolina and has accumulated over 30 years as a sworn officer. He continues to serve as an active General Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor and has served as a Specialized Firearms Instructor.

    When Buck left full-time law enforcement, he started a new career path in public safety technology. He continued on that path for over 15 years during which he was privileged to lead teams and perform direct sales in several cutting edge public Safety software technologies, including:

    Computer Aided Dispatch (all disciplines), Police and Fire RMS (Client/Server and Hosted), Police and Fire Mobile (Windows and iOS), Corrections and Jail Management Software, Civil Software for Sheriff’s Offices, eCitation, eParking, eCrash, Reporting and Analytics, Officer Wellness and Analytics, In car video / Body worn video, Advanced License Plate Technology, Outdoor Warning Sirens, Emergency Equipment for Emergency Vehicles, and Mass notification and interoperability software.

    For the last five and a half years, Buck has worked at a Tier 1 Public Sector software company where he developed a specialty in multiagency consortiums. His largest consisting of 38 agencies with 10 PSAPs.

    Buck is active in the ministry at Grace Church of Southern Pines, where and his wife Kimberly also counsel individuals and married couples. Buck and Kimberly are also the proud parents of two adult children and their little Shih Tzu, Layla Lu Mims.

    I have over 33 years in the public safety arena. For years, I worked in public safety software sales at a Tier 1 provider, with considerable experience implementing large consortium systems, including one 10 County system of CAD, RMS, Mobile, and Civil software. With all of the volatility in the software market, I started National Public Safety Group, so we could offer a consulting firm that really understood the Public Safety Software industry.

    Having been a sworn officer myself for over 30 years, I also have a passion to help agencies. I have always been an advocate to ensure my customers were taken care of, which isn’t always easy in corporate America. That is not the case at our company. We are 100% going above and beyond to give great service and value to them. We guarantee our services by providing a cancel anytime contract, so if you are not happy with our work, you are not stuck in a contract.

    We will live and die by our service and value, and I can do that because I know we will give our customers our best. I am very excited about all we are doing today and what is coming over the next few years.

    At NPSG, you are assigned a team specific to your needs. We have subject matter experts for each solution and phase of your project.

    As we are a concierge consulting firm, each project is assigned a project manager, the appropriate subject matter experts for products, selection experts, and procurement experts. Having our team providing you with facts and putting things in the appropriate context allows your agency to make smart and educated decisions. This helps out agencies and their software providers have more successful projects.

    This level of involvement is part of our standard concierge service. Our goal is to take the work load off of your team and anxiety out of your project.

    As our consultants mainly come from public safety and working at public safety software companies, we understand what it means to have a strong partnership with your provider. So part of our goal is very importantly to help build a strong relationship with the software provider and your agency.

    We don’t just say we focus mainly on software. We highly focus on the public safety software industry, it’s products and providers. Besides over 90% of our work involving public safety software consulting, we internally have training to help our consultants understand the industry better. We teach them how to continuously stay up to date with information they need to be a successful public safety software consultant. We also have three different tools we are building to help our employees and customers directly understand the differences of the providers in the market.