Jessica Dennehy, Bestselling Author & CEO, Pivot & Slay, A DotCom Magazine Interview

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    About Jessica Dennehy and Pivot & Slay:

    Jessica is a 2x best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur & former Wall Street attorney. Through her coaching company, Pivot & Slay, she empowers entrepreneurs to embrace their CEO Power, exit their comfort zones and start taking the risks necessary for success.

    As the best-selling author of Selfish is a Superpower & Pivot & Slay who is redefining the word selfish to help people reconnect to themselves and live a happier life!

    As a dynamic businesswoman and solo parent, Jessica is passionate about empowering others to push the boundaries of what’s possible in their lives. From the moment she steps on stage, Jessica brings a level of excitement and enthusiasm that is truly infectious and leaves a lasting impact.

    Jessica started her entrepreneurial journey over eleven years ago when she left her high-profile job as a Wall Street attorney to build a brand of luxury barbershops called MadMen. Unwilling to give up her ambitious career, but also wanting to be the most present and involved parent she could be, Jessica carved out her path so that she could have it all.

    Even through a painful divorce that left her as a solo parent, a major career change, and the stress of building multiple businesses, she was able to thrive and reconnect with her purpose and passions.

    With her diverse background, from business and entrepreneurship to personal development and self-improvement, Jessica is a powerhouse who knows how to captivate a crowd and leave audiences feeling inspired and energized.

    Jessica Dennehy is a single mom, 2x Best-Selling Author, speaker & recovering attorney that started her entrepreneurial journey ten years ago when she left Wall Street to build a brand of luxury barbershops called Mad Men.

    Now, through her consulting company Pivot & Slay, Jessica empowers entrepreneurs to build the life of their dreams where they can have it all!

    She helps small-business owners get selfish so they can live a more aligned life that not only includes massive business growth but also freedom to enjoy their success in their personal life.

    Jessica is also the author of two #1 Best Selling Books: Pivot & Slay and Start Up Legends, both of which help entrepreneurs create more authenticity and authority in their brands. She is currently working on a third book about how she runs four businesses while also being a super present mother of two small children.

    Her diverse background and expertise have landed her significant speaking engagements across the country and in front of thousands of people. She has also been featured in important business publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, INC, & more and writes monthly articles for both Forbes and Entrepreneur.

    Jessica has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Parade, Hello! and more.
    She lives in New York with her two beautiful daughters and together they love to play volleyball, watch football and adventure all over the world. She believes that a dynamic life should always include fun, family, and insatiable curiosity.

    Pivot & Slay’s monthly Entrepreneur Meetups are an exciting opportunity to make new business connections and learn to create a life filled with freedom & alignment.

    We have entrepreneurs from all stages of business come together to break bread and surround themselves with a community of people who truly understand one another on all levels.

    Each month, we present impactful guest speakers that own 7-figure businesses to drop some knowledge that you can immediately implement into your life and your business.

    Whether you are just about to embark on your entrepreneurial journey or have an established business, community is key. In order to grow, you must get in the right rooms with the right people who can help you level up and become a better version of YOU.