Harsh Patil, Founder & CEO, xplorearth, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Harsh Patil and xplorearth:

    Challenging Adventures, Iconic Destinations, Curated Journeys.

    The choices for exploration adventures around the world are endless. For some, it may be scaling the misty peaks of Kilimanjaro, for others rafting the upper Gauley, or simply relishing ceviche amid the cadence of Cartagena. Others may get their kicks out of following the leopard as it stalks the impala in the Serengeti.

    What are you looking for? We are here to help. We, xplor.earth, cater to the discerning traveler looking for something more than just a package tour operator.

    xplor.earth curates journeys and lifestyle adventures both for the first-timer seeking a soft experience, and for those more experienced travelers seeking thrills.

    Local experience is what sets us apart. From challenging Himalayan climbs to trekking in Iceland, from exotic African Safaris to sailing trips along the Dalmatian coast, we’ve done it all!

    We build custom itineraries based on personal experience and local knowledge, and then team up with on-the-ground experts, who know each destination intimately, to create memorable experiences.

    Founded in 2017, xplor.earth provides customized journeys based on personal experience and strong local knowledge. We create unique travel experiences to “off the beaten path” destinations, incorporating community and cultural components seamlessly.
    Our travel enthusiasts have visited each one of the destinations we offer to ensure the best experiences for you.