Christian Elliot, CEO, TRUE Whole Human, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Christian Elliot and TRUE Whole Human:

    Christian has been a coach since 2005…logging over 15,000 hours of 1-1 coaching. His quest to heal led him to personally use over three dozen different alternative modalities. He is an author, speaker, and educator, and (with Nina) built one of the most holistic, brick-and-mortar, fitness-and-wellness businesses ever seen.

    I help people solve the “knowing vs. doing” problem when it comes to health.

    Typically our clients are in one of three situations:

    Those whose health has slipped away because overwhelmed with the complexities of work and family life.

    People near the tail end of that season (i.e. empty-nesters) who are motivated to get their health in order, or 3) people who have just had a come-to-Jesus meeting with their doctor and need to make a significant change fast.

    Through high-touch, personal coaching we help people clear the excuses, develop a new mindset, rebuild their health, and let better health emerge as a side effect of personal development. In short, we get them on the path to living their best life.

    How do we do it? We Coach the Whole Human.

    We blend holistic health coaching, the science of behavioral change, and the power of transformative human psychology. We break down the essential components of healthy living into bite-size steps to help you achieve an outstanding level of vitality without crashing your schedule, draining your willpower (or bank account!), or sacrificing your social life.

    Your current health wasn’t created in a vacuum. Your strategy to change your health shouldn’t be either. To create a plan that works it has to be designed within the larger context of your life, and account for your situation and life ambitions. Otherwise, you’ll only revisit familiar plateaus and never change your body, health, wellness, or fitness for good.

    My wife and business partner Nina bring a combined 30 years of elite experience helping people get lasting results, reclaim personal power, and gain the confidence to get their mojo back. We bring this lasting impact to clients virtually through small group and 1-1 coaching.

    As full-time health coaches since 2005, including nine years running brick-and-mortar locations, we’ve seen a LOT. One thing that stands out is that most “experts” tend to be so specialized, they don’t see the whole human right in front of them.