Larry Mohl, Founder & Chief Transformation Officer of Rali, A DotCom Magazine Interview

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    About Larry Mohl and Rali:

    Change has been my constant companion. Energizing, frustrating, destabilizing, and inspiring change.

    After my first 10 years of working as an engineer I hit a wall. By all accounts I was successful, but I couldn’t imagine having my boss’s job, and could no longer just work wishing for the weekend to come sooner. Something had to change, and it was me.

    Over the next 20 years of corporate life I transformed my career from engineer to Chief Learning Officer and change leader. I learned a lot about personal change and how companies empower or destroy change.

    Reflecting back on my journey, I feel I was lucky. For many years I was in a company that made being an Intrapreneur possible. It was by no means easy, but if you had an idea and put yourself out there, the organization responded with opportunity. Like many, I know the opposite environment all too well. The thing is, if we want people to initiate and embrace change, what the organization does really matters. The change hero story is myth.

    Large scale change is messy and more times than not initiatives fail to achieve their expected outcomes. My take is that we just don’t do enough to engage the whole organization in a way that gives people a voice, guides them, and lifts them up. We can do better. In short, we need to change how we change. So, with my teammates at Rali, the company I founded I’m on a mission.

    To help leaders and their teams grow through times of change.
    To democratize the intersection of development and change so that what is normally done for a few is
    effectively scaled to the many.
    To improve the success rate of change initiatives that truly matter to organizations through a human-centered, community-based approach.
    To move from “spraying and praying” content to a holistic approach that activates the drivers of mindset and behavior change.
    To align the interests of senior leaders looking for business impact and employees looking for an engaging and inclusive experience.

    To fulfill our mission we offer a “Change Experience Platform” that connects industry change agents to leaders and teams though a community-centric portal with access to structured Learn|Do|Inspire journeys and interactive media. Our advanced analytics provides insights into change progress, adoption, engagement, and sentiment.

    Rali Solutions, LLC located in Alpharetta, GA, empowers measurable, scalable, and lasting change that drives performance improvement through teams across the organization. Rali helps ensure successful outcomes by uniting technology, behavioral science, and change management best practices into a first of its kind Change Experience Platform (CxP). Rali enables organizations to drive interactive communications, launch group-based change journeys using Rali’s unique Learn , Do , Inspire framework. Rali can take any body of content and deliver an environment that activates all the drivers of engagement, behavioral adoption, and organization impact. Whether it’s groups of 50 or 50,000, Rali creates a highly interactive experience that scales content and activates behavior change, ultimately shaping the culture of your organization.

    Rali goes beyond what other learning solutions offer by delivering a unified, community-driven experience designed to transform behaviors and accelerate change. Our proprietary methodology of “Learn | Do | Inspire” creates a powerful performance improvement loop and makes a lasting impact.