Brandon Wernli, Founder & CEO, BW Events Tech, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Brandon Wernli and BW Events Tech:

    Founder of BW Events Tech, one of the fastest-growing event technology solutions and consulting organizations with vast global reach. The team has won several awards including «Best Digital Agency», «Best Event Technician» and «Best Founder» in 2022. Brandon has been instrumental in overseeing the technology deployment and strategy for many of the leading Fortune 500 organizations. He offers over 17 years of event technology experience, deploying solutions involving an array of registration platforms,
    BI tools, analytics, integrations and more.

    Experienced Technology Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Strong operations professional skilled in Sales, Enterprise Software, Entrepreneurship, Agile Methodologies, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

    Worked with dozens of big brand organizations to guide the event tech stack, including Google, DocuSign, Cisco, Hilton, DXC, McKesson, and more!

    Over the past decade, BW Events has consulted agencies, event planners, and program managers on their event technology needs. Visit with us and learn how BW has created industry disruption within events.

    Whether you are planning a virtual or in-person event, our professionals will carefully assess your needs, offer recommended solutions and cover any or all of the following services: technology architecture, technical project management, event design, configuration, QA, integrations, load testing, contact center support, and analytics.

    Does your event have unique needs or a tight budget? We can help align the right technology solutions for your event. BW Events Tech is a platform agnostic group who can consult, architect, configure and support your event tech stack. We offer vendor management and vendor negotiation services to ensure you are getting the best prices for your needs. If a vendor solution isn’t cutting, allow us to help design a custom solution that better fits your needs!

    For more than a decade BW Events Tech has consulted agencies, event planners and program managers on their event technology.