Mark Kane, CEO, Sunwise Capital, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Mark Kane and Sunwise Capital:

    Mark J. Kane is a dynamic and innovative entrepreneur with a proven track record of building successful businesses. With over 40 years of experience in lending and investment banking, Mark profoundly understands business owners’ challenges, from maintaining cash flow to managing expansion.

    Sunwise Capital focuses on the personalized, one-on-one service we offer our small business clients. We work closely with them to understand their financing needs and develop customized loan packages to meet those needs.

    We focus on our ability to process and approve loans quickly, which can be especially attractive to small business owners who need financing fast.

    We maintain flexibility of our loan products, such as the ability to customize repayment terms or offer a variety of loan types (e.g., short-term, long-term, etc.) to suit different businesses’ needs. We do not believe one size fits all.

    Our leadership team is experienced lending professionals with over 100 years of working with small businesses and financing. Our collective expertise in small business financing helps businesses navigate the loan process.

    Sunwise Capital focuses on offering competitive rates and terms on your loans, which is a strong selling point for small business owners who are looking to minimize the cost of borrowing. We back that up with a $500 Guarantee. Any business that receives a written offer in a formal agreement, could you show us that contract before you fund, and we will either beat that rate or pay you $500?

    In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Mark is an accomplished academic, holding a BA from the University of Massachusetts and an MA from the University of Chicago. His academic background and extensive experience in lending and investment banking make him uniquely qualified to help business owners navigate the complexities of building and growing a successful enterprise.

    If you’re a business owner looking for expert guidance and innovative solutions, Mr. Kane is the entrepreneur you need to know. His experience and expertise make him an invaluable resource for anyone looking to succeed in today’s dynamic business landscape.

    We assist business owners in obtaining loans at the best rate and terms available in the market, based on our decades of experience in investment banking and lending.

    We assist you in unlocking hidden cash flow and working capital as finance experts. We’ll walk you through the application process, make sure you get approved and recommend proven financial techniques for putting the money to work in your firm.

    The smartest way to free up cash flow in your company right now is to leverage your hard assets or cash flow. Now is the best time to refinance since we can obtain you a business loan with the best rates and rates available.

    At Sunwise Capital, our mission is to provide business owners the capital to achieve financial credibility resulting in your business, which provides you, the owner, long-term access to funding and wealth. Together we will positively impact the survival and success rate of Small Business in America.