Steven Davis, Founder & CEO, Renaissance Solutions, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Steven Davis and Renaissance Solutions:

    Most people haven’t ever worked with a coach. A Stanford University study asked 200 CEO’s about their views of coaching. Results found that 100% of CEO’s were open to receiving advice from a coach: 57% receptive, 43% very receptive. Within the CEO population, 66% had actually worked with a coach, and in that response group, 79% stated that it was their idea to actually hire a coach.

    Emotional Intelligence Coaching. My approach to interviews and mobility coaching is focused on time management, delegation, EQ, executive presence, leadership, communication, and work-home-life balance solutions structured to achieve goals. Leveraging hands-on experience as a recruiter for over 20 years, I present job search, internal mobility solutions, and human resources requirements from the hiring perspective.

    Personal leadership coaching and talent management solutions for technology and business professionals are structured to empower career changers, produce internal mobility growth, and focus job seekers to achieve their goals. As a technology leadership career coach at JPMorgan Chase for over a decade, my commitment is to function as a human “GPS” mapping the best roads to fulfill career goals through powerful talent development programs.

    Leading the Renaissance Coaching Practice produces immense satisfaction by empowering job seekers to secure offers and continue on their individual career paths. Working with teams and delivering job search strategies, internal and external networking plans, improved performance reviews and mock interview sessions lead to promotions and job offers. This is what I live for!

    The Renaissance era represents a rebirth, a time of rediscovery and revival in history. We are fortunate and genuinely honored to regularly contribute to the revival of countless careers by transforming the way professionals approach career growth. Reacting to change and having a desire for improvement, combined with a powerful, focused and flexible plan to create positive actions, is the best method to rediscover values and produce results.

    Corporate Career Coaching
    As a Career Counselor and Coach with the J.P. Morgan Chase Corporate Career Center, at one time the largest career center in the United States, we are proud to have collaborated with a variety of talented professionals including administrative support, business, marketing, technology, all management levels and produce many successful landings within multiple lines of business. The Career Services organization consisting of external coaches was described by The American Banker as “the benchmark” and an “Exemplar of Excellence” in executive development programs.

    Coaching success has led us to a very exciting, exclusive leadership coaching role within the JP Morgan Chase E2 Program. The Expert Engineer program, a nine month, invitation-only course is open to high-performing, Technologists firm wide.

    Private Career Coaching
    Talented individuals hire us to rejuvenate their efforts and improve their quality of life. We approach this as a true collaboration and create customized career roadmaps designed to fulfill each person’s needs. Services include career coaching for introverts, building effective resumes and networking plans, improving presentations, elevator pitches and mock interviewing techniques.