Mo Hamzian, CEO, VEL, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Hamzian and VEL:

    Whether you realize it or not, your workspace influences your productivity.

    After trying to work out of coffee shops, I realized that ultra-public workspaces cannot alone support the needs of our ever more remote and digital workforce. Today’s worker needs to be able to achieve a flow state faster. In catering to a general public’s needs, coffee shops are unable cater to any one person’s particular productivity needs.

    That’s why I founded VEL, a personalized, café oriented workspace for remote workers to be more productive. VEL is a workspace that meets a person’s particular needs through a combination of onsite amenities and cutting edge workspace design that gets visitors into flow states faster.

    Our work cafes exist so that people can accomplish twice as much in half the time and then spend the change on life beyond the screen. From reservable privacy pods and seating to walk-ins and more, we offer dynamic and adaptable ways to gather, work, meet, and unwind. There are many ways to belong to VEL. Run a one-person empire or gather your entire team, every day. We’ll take care of the details. VEL is a premium utopian tech-forward work cafe for the 21st century to usher the world’s transition to a new flexible era of work.

    Believe it or not, VEL is as much about liberating you from your seat as keeping you in it. We’ll provide the perfect workspace and a cup of what gets you in the flow, but life awaits.